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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by ctpatsfan77, Nov 16, 2007.

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    [With a sincere tip of the hat to Brownfan80; again, the idea of putting things in perspective seemed a good one.]

    Imagine: Right after Super Bowl XLI, where the hated Colts won--largely because the Patriots basically ran out of gas in Indy--you're at your most negative, wondering when the Patriots are going to get back to the Super Bowl. To your surprise, someone approaches you, and tells you he's seen the future of the Patriots' 2007 season.

    He tells you that free agency wasn't especially kind to the Patriots: tight end Daniel Graham went back to Colorado, and signs with the Broncos, and Corey Dillon asks to be released--a wish the Patriots grant. At this point you're shocked.

    Even more bizarrely, they tell you that of the five punters on the Pats roster at the end of the season, all of them left before the start of the season.

    OK, so you just scratch your head here.

    They then tell you that while the Patriots got a safety with the pick they received from Seattle in the Branch fiasco, they traded their own first-round pick . . . and all they were able to obtain was a fourth-round pick in 2007 and San Francisco's first-round pick in 2008.

    At this, you're kind of upset (but, hey, at least the Pats have two first-rounders. . . .).

    Then he tells you even worse news, about the preseason--Richard Seymour not only doesn't play during the preseason, he starts the season on the PUP list. Chad Jackson and Troy Brown join him there. The rookie tight end who had shown so much promise suffers a freak training accident in the offseason, and ends up with just one reception before he ends up on IR. Not once all season, in fact, are all the projected starters from the end of the free agency period on the field in the same game.

    At this point, your frown deepens.

    And then it gets worse, he tells you: Rodney Harrison gets busted for having used HGH in the past, and gets suspended for the first four games of the season. Then he tells you about the whole Spygate debacle, and how people were calling not merely for Belichick to be suspended, but some morons were even calling for him to be fired outright.

    And then he starts talking about the games--about how the Patriots had to play an undefeated Dallas team, and finish the second half without Laurence Maroney and the back they signed to replace Corey Dillon, and without Benjamin Watson, too. Even better, once everyone finally seems to be healthy, they have to play an undefeated Colts team, in Indy, in a game where, thanks to hideous officiating, the Patriots set a franchise record for most penalty yards assessed, and they end up in the same situation as the AFCCG, needing a late first-down to ice the game with a fragile lead. At this point, you're almost ready to strangle him, to get him to just shut up and leave you alone.

    Just as you're about to act on your impulses, he implores you to hear him out for another minute or two. He sounds really eager to say more, and, you give him a chance. The next thing he tells you is that, again, Brady has to "break in" a new set of wide receivers, and that a couple of them are hurt for a significant portion of the preseason. Just as your hands start moving for his throat, he tells you that those wide receivers are Donte' Stallworth and Randy Moss.

    He then tells you that they both accepted Patriots-friendly deals to be here--one year for Randy, and potentially six for Donte'--and that, by all appearances, neither has been even remotely a problem. In fact, Belichick praised Moss as one of the smartest players he's ever coached. The Patsfan from the future also mentions that the Patriots signed Wes Welker away from the Dolphins.

    He then tells you that this trio of wide receivers has worked out beyond even his wildest dreams. Brady has had a career year with 33 touchdowns and just 4 interceptions--with seven games left in the season. His performance is so off the charts that he's leaving announcing crews in utter awe.

    That game against the Cowboys, you ask? Despite spotting them two running backs and a tight end, the Patriots win by 21, he tells you. And the Colts? Despite two highly suspect PI calls giving the Colts first-and-goals inside the 10, the defense does a remarkable job, holding the Colts to just three points on those two possessions. And the Pats win that game, too, he informs you, when Brady connects with Welker (who's been catching 80% of the passes thrown his way, and might actually make the Pro Bowl), making the play that failed with Troy Brown in January.

    In fact, he tells you, the Patriots are undefeated at 9-0, and own a four-game lead on the Bills, while the Jets and Dolphins have already been eliminated from contending for the division title. Better still, they have a two-game lead on every other team in the conference, and could wrap up homefield advantage with two or three teams to go. And, best of all, the Patriots are not only first in the league in scoring, they're doing it at a historic pace, averaging just under 40 PPG, and winning by over 20 PPG--with a 6-0 record against teams above .500! The Pats are the envy of the entire league, and many reporters are openly wondering who might be able to stop the Patriots from going undefeated. He tells you that Vegas expects the Pats to win, and that the odds are about 1-to-3 (yes, he tells you, 1-to-3, and not 3-to-1).

    Would you be surprised?

    Looking back at all that's happened, I would be.

    I am.
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  2. A.C Vegas

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    the one thing that shocks me the most is the 1 to 3 vagas odds they don't want anyone to bet on the pats imagine having to bet 3 dollars to just get one ithey win that is crazy
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    you make a good point...

    the remarks of wut has happened this season are remarkable, we have evidently NOT been free of injuries...

    u forgot to mention ur first round pick has NO TD's with 9 games into season...

    it is can only wonder how were doing it....morris, thomas, seymour out 6, harrison 4....

    brown on PUP still
  4. Krugman

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    Good post.It has been a roller coaster ride this year,hang on,its not over yet.......
  5. primetime

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    Don't forget Adalius Thomas. Once Thomas came, I was like okay, great offseason, let's move to the draft. We got Welker, which I was wicked excited about, but wasn't expecting Stallworth to sign at all when he visited. Was real surprised when he did. I actually have been calling the Moss thing since last year, so it wasn't a surprise (but I still got insanely happy afterwards).
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