Another tidbit in the Jordon saga

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    Further proof that Al Davis is a moron and that Oakland was not handling the Jordon situation fairly:

    "The team locked Jordan out of mini-camp last month and then asked him to stay away from training camp, but league rules prohibit a team from doing so, leaving the Raiders with the options of letting him report, trading him or cutting him. There were no trade partners willing to take on the $9.7 million in combined money Jordan was due in 2008 and ’09, the last two years of his deal with Oakland, so when he showed up at camp Friday, the team released him."

    Does that sound to any of you like the Raiders had any choice? That they had any real leverage in setting conditions for his release? Not to me. It sounds to me like they didn't want him to report to training camp under any circumstances, so they cut him the moment he arrived.

    Also interesting to read some of the comments at the bottom of this Oakland-area article from Raider fans:

    Here are some teasers from those posts:

    "hes a chump dude...he takes a knee at the first sign of a tackler balls whatsoever..."

    "The guy is too fat and really has nothing left."

    "he's the new kevin faulk..shoulda traded him"

    "Belichick praised Gabriel when they signed him. Jordan usually isn't in
    shape when he arrives at camp. It should be interesting to hear what Belichick feels about Jordan's condition."
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