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Another take.

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by NEGoldenAge, Dec 4, 2007.

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    We've all heard the argument over and over. The Pats should try for 16-0... no, they have to rest guys before the post season once we get homefield advantage. BB's a football historian, no his goal is a superbowl win and he won't risk that for anything. Truth to be told, he is a little of both. BB is shrewd and a forward thinker. I'm sure he does focus on the individual game, but the man certainly has long term goals and philosophies.

    Everyone's noticed that some character guys will take fair contracts and not seek top dollar to play on successful teams. This has been true for the Patriots and even the Colts to a lesser extent. Heck, one guy to a 7 million dollar pay cut this season to be a Patriot. I think that the prestidge of 19-0 and a superbowl would increase this factor for the patriots. Without even considering endorsement deals, I think more players want to be here even for less than top dollar, and may even have more of an effect on guys resigning for less. I'm not saying this is going to mean 20 million dollars savings each season, but I bet it approaches 10 million this season (thanks Randy), and I think the amount could be significant moving forward... obviously not to this degree tho. BB knows this and I bet it will be a factor in his decision making.

    Let's hope the competition committee and players union don't set salary ranges in the future because of this. :eek:

    Disclaimer: The above post is based on the assumption that the Pats remain in posision to go 16-0. The poster of the above post does not believe this situation is garunteed, rather is simply speculating on the possibility. Furthermore, any apparent coherant thoughts are merely a coincidence, this was all completely random.
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