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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by betterthanthealternative, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. betterthanthealternative

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    It is a great luxury to have both lines in great shape. The only reason to use FA money or the draft to strengthen either is if on draft day a VERY highly rated OL drops 10 or more spots and they can't resist.

    So here's my take:

    Use the cap money to resign Graham, Samuel (tag or legit contract), and two 1st and 2nd down starting IL's (Seau and Baker-Fletcher, for example).

    Move Bruschi back outside, where his body type fits much better, and have a 1st and 2nd down threesome of him, Colvin, and Vrabel. (let B-C go unless he takes a significant home town discount).

    This gives us the depth we'll need for a LB core that is this old, and a lot of options for mixing it up on passing downs.

    Witht the rest of the draft, get an IL of the future, then prioritized this way:
    Safety, WR, Dillon's eventual replacement, and a CB, depending on "best player available."
  2. Underoath

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    Why would we move Bruschi outside when Vrabel and Colvin can play it fine? And Banta-Cain
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  3. Keegs

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    because the guy who created this thread is very smart.
  4. shirtsleeve

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    Nice first try at offseason strategy. Ignore the attacks. This place is rough. This team usually drafts on the value grouping philosophy. Spend some time over on the draft board for the next couple of months. You will understand better. And it wont make you feel any better. Because you will realize that although we may need a S, for instance, if there are no S that grade out at say 20-25 or higher on BB/SP's board, no S will be taken. If the only player left is say, TE, or LG, we will still take him. And you will see the team trade down if there are more than 5 left, or trade up a spot or two if the last in the group is about to get gobbled. Thats how we got Jackson last year. So drink some Pepto and venture forth, if you can stomach it.
  5. ayjackson

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    The only problem I have with this theory is that I don't think Belioli would draft the BPA if he can't play in our system (think undersized LB). Well a guard or a QB or a tight end can't play in our system either because we're too deep (not because of the system but because of the roster spots). Does Belioli make any allowances for this whatsoever?
  6. shirtsleeve

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    Well...sorta....these value groups are players that represent that level of value for the team. Not how NFL Draftscouts or anyone else sees them. Its the BB/SP board we are talking about, here. Not Adam Schefter's.
  7. DaBruinz

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    TBC is a UFA. I would be very surprised if the Pats brought him back, honestly.

    I have to disagree with the original poster that Bruschi is a better fit outside. Not in th e Patriots defense he's not. And, you would take the leaders of the defense off the field. Bruschi is the play caller for the front 7. Seau was not. Whomever the Pats bring in wouldn't know the defense well enough to start making the adjustments. Those adjustments can't be made from the OLB position because the other OLB wouldn't be able to hear the calls.
  8. DaBruinz

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    Ayjackson -
    That's just it. With the value groupings, all those things are taken into consideration. If the Pats don't think a player can play in their system, he's not even on their draft board more than likely.

    The value grouping system is NOT BPA. Its Best VALUE available. And its determined by a combination of the Pats evaluation of the player's ability (including whether he can play in their system), the player's intangibles (coachability, leadership, etc) and team NEED by the Patriots.
  9. ctpatsfan77

    ctpatsfan77 Supporter Supporter

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    As near as I can tell, it's almost the other way around. In other words, need doesn't drive a player up as much as a lack of need by the Pats drives a player down.

    So, for example, the Pats currently don't need to draft a TE on day one. But if, say, Graham were to leave, that wouldn't cause them to jump the line to try and draft Zach Miller or Greg Olsen. This is also why I don't see the Pats taking a DL in the first two rounds, since he'd be starting at 7th or so on the depth chart as it is.
  10. Oswlek

    Oswlek Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    If Graham goes prepare yourself for the fourth edition of "First Day TE Pick - The Sequel". TEs have the best matchups and they are the most adaptable to different offenses. NE's just need to catch the ball better and I think we will all be thankful for the Thomas pick as early as next year.

    I also wouldn't be so quick to ignore the DL. Good DL are very expensive in FA and BB (as well as just about everyone else) has said on numerous occasions that defense starts on the DL. Sure NE's starters are all very good, but the backups have been up and down. I love Wright as much as the next guy, but he was shoved around easily in SD and he didn't have much of an impact against Indy either. Add in the fact that Seymour misses time quite regularly and the fact that, other than LeKevin Smith, NE doesn't have a true backup on the nose, and DL isn't that crazy.

    Of course you, I and probably the FO realizes that LB is a much bigger need than either of those positions, but if the right guy is there.....

    Edited to say that the last sentence seems to imply that you and I are smarter than the Pats FO, as in "You and I know this and hopefully so do they." That is now how I meant it. I really meant it in reverse. That every indication seems to point to revamping the LBs, but the FO may think otherwise for reasons unbeknownst to me.
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  11. ATippett56

    ATippett56 Pro Bowl Player

    Personnally, I would be very disappointed if the New England Patriots do not select a linebacker in the first round.
  12. betterthanthealternative

    betterthanthealternative In the Starting Line-Up

    Thanks shirtsleeve, appreciate the info, it's new to me. That's why I come here - to learn stuff and be entertained with new perspectives.

    And as to the "attacks," I'm way too old to care, particularly from people I'll never meet and who apparently link their happiness to message board banter. Amazing, given how much we have to be thankful for just being in the priveleged position to be able to spend time on stuff like this.
  13. psychoPat

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    Glad to have betterthanthealt trying his hand at this stuff.
    I happen to agree with the corrections as to Bru and how value grouping operates.

    I, though, would be very surprised if the Pats DO NOT bring Tully back.
    We kept him as an ST-er for, what, 3 years.
    TRAINING him all that time ... appraising him.
    This past offseason, he was the reason the front office didn't freak out
    to "replace" WMcG.

    After playing more and more ... in the playoffs he finally gets a start.
    He is not a highlights-reeler who can be expected to draw big offers from elsewhere.
    So i think the Patriots' standard fair and reasonable offer keeps him here.
  14. MrBigglesWorth

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    I read from Albert Breer that Bruschi has played out of position the past two years since Ted Johnson retired where Bruschi was forced to move to strongside linebacker. So if they get a strongside lb, then Bruschi can move back to the other inside position he excelled at. They honestly need a linebacker who can take on guards.

    The defense is not that far off, they just need to inject a couple players this year and then a couple the following year. I will be itnerested to see if Pierre Woods makes a jump in year two. He has the size. Add some speed at lb and a safety IMO and they could be just as good as they were this year.
  15. Fanfrom1960

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    That's not enough. What we want is as good as 2004.
  16. modman

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    I think that it is unlikely that the Pats select a linebacker in the first couple of rounds. The Pats consider their 3-4 defensive system which heavily relies on very experienced and smart linebackers too complex for a rookie to pick up in less than 2-3 years. Any rookie linebacker is considered a "project" as far as the pats are cocerned and not worth a 1-2 draft pick where the expectation would be that they contribute immediatelly. I see them addresing the linebacker issue in FA or in a trade.

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