Another sign that it's a tough year for Buffalo

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    Heading into a game against a division rival, trying to rev up his team to meet a challenge, Belichick ponders the strengths of the Bills and decides to focus the week's practice on...punt returns.

    From coach Bill Belichick's perspective, the punt returns were especially important because they changed the course of the game and had been an area of emphasis in practice. The Patriots had not been pleased with their performance through the preseason and two regular-season games. A normal workload for punt return practice would be one day per week, but it had been increased to three days according to Belichick.

    "We kind of got challenged this week and we wanted to answer that challenge," said Welker, who had four returns for 19 yards in the first two games.

    It was spot on, of course. Moorman is very impressive. But you're not going to spend three days on punt returns before you play the Colts.

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