Another Reason to Like the O-Line

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    "Brady (31-of-39, 373 yards, five TDs) and Moss (10 catches, 128 yards, four TDs) hooked up for four of the five touchdowns the Pats scored in the first half.

    “Their offensive line is playing great football right now,” said Bills safety Donte Whitner. “They don’t want you to touch Tom Brady or even talk to him. It’s harder to get to Brady than to cover their receivers. But we didn’t do either, and you saw the end result.”

    How cool is that? And I love the way each time Brady is asked about his heroics he says, "the offensive line deserves all the credit." I swear those guys would go through a wall for Brady. Reminds me of the Colts game when Freeney had a straight path to Brady, and Matt Light leg-whipped him. He got a 15 yard personal foul penalty, but to Brady it saved his body from punishment, it brought the team together. Man, just a pleasure to watch.
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