Another point to consider for a 16-0 season...

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by grapedog, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. grapedog

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    What are the chances that we won't be resting our starters that late in the season especially if we have the #1 seed wrapped up?

    I just don't see BB risking his players in meaningless games...if he did do that, all the talk about him being a smart coach just goes out the window.

    Counterpoint to that is what happened to the Colts...they came into the playoff's flat and ended up getting ousted early.
  2. BelichickFan

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    Belichick isn't huge on resting his players. If your question comes to fruition we'll have a bye by definition and I doubt Belichick would want the starters sitting around for two weeks.

    Belichick will want the players sharp - and it we have a shot he also knows the historical significance - but let's get past Week 9 first :D
  3. Caspir

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    16-0 and 4-12, I don't think Belichick will be sitting his players at the end of the season. It just isn't wise. As for this undefeated talk, I don't buy it right now. If they get through the Colts game and still have no losses, the hype machine will make this stuff look tame. We have a well placed bye week this year. Really it couldn't come at a better time. Resting players probably won't be a priority after that.
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  4. bbabin

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    Just because we rest some key starters doesn't mean we don't play to win. I say if we're 15-0 and go into NY against the Giants, BB does what it takes to win that game without too much risk of injury. This year, the coach and the team are out to send a big FU to the league.
  5. grapedog

    grapedog Practice Squad Player

    We've rested players the last two seasons at the end of the season with nothing to gain or lose...some might say we tanked the Miami game on purpose, not that it did much good.

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