Another Patriots related Charity Auction - 4 tickets, meet Welker, and much more

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Rob0729, Jun 15, 2012.

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    I figured that since pointing out the Brady auction helped to raise money for charity last time, I will point out this charity auction. If you get the winning bid you get a ton of stuff including:

    4 tickets to the Arizona game
    Meet and Greet with Welker
    A signed Welker jersey and game worn gloves
    Limo service
    Dinner for 10 at Toros with a meet and great with Chef Ken Oringer
    $1,000 gift certificate to Diane von Furstenberg Boston

    charitybuzz | #309705 - Ultimate Boston Package for the Sports Fan & Foodie: 4 Tickets to the 9/16 New England vs. Arizona Game, a Meet & Greet with Wes Welker, Game Worn Memorabilia, Dinner for 10 at Celebrity Chef Ken Oringer's Toro, Plus a DVF Sho

    Also if anyone wants to go to the Thanksgiving Pats/Jets game with pre game field passes, there is an auction here:

    charitybuzz | #2987267 - 2 On-Field Pregame Passes and Lower Bowl Seats to the New England Patriots vs. New York JETS November 22, 2012 at Met Life Stadium
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