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    Super Bowl XLIV: A Patriots-Giants Rematch | Bleacher Report

    It pits our beloved NE Patriots against the Giants in a SB rematch. Here is another interesting article, whether you agree with the points or not.
    The case for NE:
    The case for NYG:
    There's a lot more. Like I said, it's really an interesting read an worth a few minutes. OH, BTW, the writer thinks Tom Terrific will emerge as MVP again.
  2. pats1

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    Yeah, the re-signing of Patrick Pass! Super Bowl here we come!

    ...Oh, wait...
  3. ALP

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    i have a small gripe w/ the giants considered the best in the NFC...

    though eli is getting better, and defintely good enough to win a SB...

    yes they have an amazing running game...

    but its their passing game that is the question.....they will depend on their TWO ROOKIE WR's a LOT this season...and that spells trouble

    even IF both WR's pan out (and we all know how wr's are) most wr's explode in their 3rd year....

    that means that the giants passing game will be luckluster

    and their defense, even though theyre returning their defensive stars, will not have spagnaulo, their DC, which i believe will affect them if only a little

    the giants are good, but no lock
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