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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Jan 27, 2007.

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    The Associated Press took the photo. I called their photo department to check just when it was taken. Nope, it wasn't after the Colts game, back in Foxboro. It was shot in the RCA Dome before the AFC championship game.

    That's a remarkable photo.
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    BB and the Fans vs. the Media. That story kind of says it all about that. Good stuff. I don't deny BB is a little strange. But I, and I suspect almost every Patriots fan, likes him warts and all.
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    Many true geniuses throughout history have been "strange", like Galileo, Newton and Einstein for example. There is only so much that can be packed in a brain, and maybe social nuances have to go. And that's the truth!
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    Can I use that excuse? :D
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    Sorry to be the one to break it to you, but, no.
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    I think all of his personna is intentional, weird or not, it deflects a lot of attention off of all of the little things that this franchise does extremely well. BB is tough and smart enough to know if people are talking about him not hugging Peyton or give an interview to someone after the game, they are not paying attention to the details. This team is all about the situational details.
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    i dont find bb to be the least bit strange .i think hes a no nonsense type of guy who has little patience for stupid questions from morons who dont have a clue.
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    Thank you!!! I hate that most fans are so ready to acknowledge BB as strange and flawed, when the majority can't stand the clueless media, imagine being the coach and being made to deal with them on a daily basis??? I think he handles it all really well, there are times I would lose it on that podium, having to asnwer those inane questions over and over again.
  10. PatsMyBoyz!

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    I don't find him strange either! What IS strange though,is a bunch of idiots hell-bent on figuring out a genius. :bricks:
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    Nah, he's just not a PR department guy. He's a coach, just a coach, first last and always. He skipped charm school. Who gives a damn... actually, I would rather have an old curmudgeon than a peppy press-friendly prick at the podium. So WHAT if he doesn't pass out important information on Sunday to the press and (oops!) the other team! I can stand a guessing game or two for another lombardi or two.

    Go BILL!

  12. PatsMyBoyz!

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    Great post:rocker:
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    First, thanks for the above "amen"... second, amen to this one too.

    Here's the basics, from what I can tell (putting on my halloween beard and speaking in a Viennese accent...)

    Belichick is an introvert by nature. I don't see him getting energy from crowds or random people he does not already know and trust. I see him valuing a select few (Pioli, Kraft, to an extent Brady... and of course those we don't see, who happen to be close to him.)

    He effed up the position of head coach, as far as the press is concerned. While others with the job aren't necessarily extroverts, think about what we've read about Belichick in the past...

    He started out a "film geek," or a "football geek" in general. The knock on him under Parcells was that he didn't have the "personality" to be a head coach. He knew Xs and Os, but did not excel at stomping around, shouting, and sadistically demeaning underperforming players. Parcells was good at these things, and Parcell used them well. But Belichick was good at deciding what players should do in a game.

    He effed up the game itself when the Pats became a dynasty. He had no use for the brash and overvalued superstar, the antics of immature players, the story lines and a lot of the smack talk.

    He thinks football is about football, and he thinks his job is about studying football, making sure his message gets across about what to do, not how to appear, to his players. They are the only ones who can influence his success or failure.

    What a drag for a reporter!!! And look what's happening in the league... Similarly serious teams are making the run this year. No Super Bowl shuffle for these Bears, or these Colts for that matter. TO is a joke, not the talk of the league (in any positive way.) Fans are rightly angry about "big baby" type players, for the most part... the league has been, to an extent, Patri-fied since the late 90s.

    And the living, breathing embodiment of that is Bill. But don't talk to him about it, because he doesn't care what you think. He cares about football.

    Reading too much into everything,

  14. tedy hagler

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    I love Belichick's disdain for playing the media game. Is there anything more absurd than the NFL having reporters pop out inane questions to coaches as they head into the tunnel at halftime--"coach, why are you losing this game?"

    Do you think Belichick's act will wear thin if the Patriots revert to a few 8-8 or 7-9 seasons? Will the blase distaste be enough for fams when the team may be mediocre? I wonder . . . Parcells seemed to intuitively understand that when his teams struggled, he provided the entertainment. Not sure BB can do this. Hope he never has to.
  15. PatsMyBoyz!

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    And he cares about winning. Excellent assessment btw. "Patri-fied". Outstanding! And that Patri-fication/Bradi-fication has been escalating, creating what appears to be an even more challenging situation for the Patriots. And for BB.
  16. patriotspride

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    you cant be serious .parcells has just as much disdain for the media clowns as bb does .the difference between the two is parcells enjoys f--king with them .bb doesnt want to waste his time .i dont think parcells made a conscious choice to entertain anybody .
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    I agree with the posters on this thread,I want a guy who knows what he's doing and is committed to winning,so much so that losing is indeed a very bitter pill to swallow.BB is also smart enough to keep his comments short and controlled after a loss.Therefore you wont hear the rants like those of Denny Green ,Jim Mora SR et al which the media loves to play over and over again.The comments arent much to see or hear,so they quickly go away.I'm sure BB would love to comment on some of the ludicris penalties called on hi team,but takes the high road instead.I dont care if every media outfit hates him,every other team hates him,he is a winner and we will rue the day he leaves or quits,IMO.
  18. tedy hagler

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    Parcells made a choice to entertain himself. And that's why media day was so much fun with Parcells-- a bunch of reporters laughing hard at jokes but really wondering if they were going to be blasted next.

    Belichick just refuses to participate either way.


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