Another ex-Raider CB available, former 2nd round pick Pat Lee; any interest?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SteveKiner, Nov 10, 2012.

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  1. SteveKiner

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  2. Worth kicking the tires.
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  3. mayoclinic

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    Taken #60 in the 2nd round by Green Bay in the 2008 draft (2 picks ahead of Terrence Wheatley), also a bit of a reach. A big CB at 6' 200#. Ha was a bust with Green Bay, but has been decent with the Raiders this year. Probably worth a look, but I think Routt is a bit more of a proven commodity in press-man coverage.

    But by all means, I'd kick the tires on anything that moves right now. Give me 3 live bodies who can play press-man CB and put McCourty at the deep FS, and the Pats will be in good shape. We're 3/4 way there with McCourty, Talib and Dennard.

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    Let's do it
  5. Joey007

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    Alot cheaper than Routt, so it definitely is worth kicking the tires.
  6. DarrylS

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    How many "new" DB's can you integrate into this defense, with 8 games left??

    Is that a factor??
  7. PatsWSB47

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    It is a factor. New guys can fill in but to expect them to master a complicated defense this late is not very realistic. Superior talent could help minimize that though
  8. robertweathers

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    Good point. It is a factor but is dependent on how much of the playbook the player is asked to injest and eventually execute. If they are asked only to play man to man in dime coverages, then my assumption would be 15-20 plays.

    If they are expected to be in base, nickel, dime, zone, man, etc. then I'd expect there to be a steeper learning curve.
  9. mayoclinic

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  10. Marqui

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