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Another 1 Round Mock Draft with Trades by KDPPatsfan85

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by KDPPatsfan85, Apr 22, 2011.

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  1. KDPPatsfan85

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    Dec 10, 2008
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    #24 Jersey

    I changed it up a bit. This is a what if hence a mock draft. I hope you enjoy this one.

    1. Panthers- Cameron Newton QB Auburn
    There's an 80% chance that the Panthers will take a chance at Newton, So i am sticking to this pick.

    2. Broncos- Marcell Dareus DT Alabama
    I think he is the best D-lineman in the draft. The Broncos are switching back to a 4-3 and he will def help the line out.

    3. Bills- Von Miller OLB34 Texas A&M
    I think this is a great pick up by the Bills. Miller is an all around OLB. He can play in coverage, rush the passer, and stop the run.

    Bengals trade #4 to Titans for #8,#77, 2012 3rd
    4. Titans- Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri
    Vince Young is out. The Titans need a QB so they decide to trade up to grab Gabbert before the Cardinals snatch him up.

    5. Cardinals- Patrick Peterson CB LSU
    Since Gabbert was taken a pick before. They decide to take the best player available and it happens to be a team need of theirs.

    6. Browns- A.J. Green WR Georgia
    Holmgren is notorious for taking WR's in the first round. From 1999 to 2007, he took 12 WR's. He takes the best WR in the draft. Green will compliment McCoy very nicely.

    7. 49ers- Robert Quinn OLB34 UNC
    Von Miller is gone, Blaine Gabbert, and Patrick Peterson is gone. The niners need a pass rush and Quinn will be that guy.

    8. Bengals- Julio Jones WR Alabama
    A.J. Green is gone and the best available WR is Jones. It also helps that Jones fits the bengals system better. Ochocinco could be gone this season. TO is already gone. They need to upgrade their WR Corps.

    Cowboys trade #9 to Lions for #13, #75
    9. Lions- Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska
    Lions need secondary help. The CB's they have are poor and they need a shutdown corner. They take Prince that will produce right away.

    Redskins trade #10 to Chargers for #18, #50
    10. Chargers- J.J. Watt DE34 Wisconsin
    The Chargers covet Watt and they know if he falls one more spot then the Texans will take him. They take a chance and move up. Watt is the best 5-technique man in this draft.

    11. Texans- Nick Fairley DE/DT Auburn
    With Watt off the board, they decide to take the best player available. Fairley would play DE in their 3-4.

    12. Vikings- Cameron Jordan DE Cal
    The Vikings decide to stay put and build on their pass rush. They take Jordan who is the next available best DE on the board.

    Redskins trade #13 to Dolphins for #15, #111, and 2012 5th.
    13. Dolphins- Mike Pouncey OG Florida
    Redskins keep acquiring more draft picks and the Dolphins move up to grab the best OG in the draft. They figure if the protect Henne better, he might perform better.

    14. Rams- Ryan Kerrigan DE Purdue
    The Rams really believes that Kerrigan fits into their system and they are in serious need of a pass rusher.

    15. Redskins- Jake Locker QB Washington
    After Trading down twice, the Redskins grab their man. McNabb will most likely be traded and Locker will be the QB of the future.

    16. Jaguars- Aldon Smith DE Missouri
    The Jags wanted Kerrigan, but he was already taken. They take the next best DE in the draft.

    Patriots trade #17 to Colts for #22, #87, #188
    17. Colts- Tyron Smith OT USC
    Colts are in serious need of an upgrade on the offensive line. They trade up to take the best OT in the draft. Its a surprise that he lasted this long.

    18. Cowboys- Anthony Castonzo OT Boston College
    The Cowboys need to protect Romo. They traded down to take the real OT they wanted.

    19. Giants- Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin
    The Giants O-line is getting old and they need to protect Eli.

    20. Buccaneers- Da'Quan Bowers DE Clemson
    Bowers was a top 10 pick, but everyone questions his knee injury. He falls to the top 20 and the Bucs snatch him before any other team can.

    21. Chiefs- Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa
    Cheifs need a lot of help in the front seven. They decide to take Adrian Clayborn.

    Patriots trade #22 to Ravens for #26, #123, 2012 5th
    22. Ravens- Jimmy Smith CB Colorado
    The Patriots and Ravens have started a trend to trade with eachother during the draft. The Ravens need a CB and they know if they waited they wouldnt have a chance to take Jimmy Smith.

    23. Eagles- Derrick Sherrod OT Mississippi State
    Eagles had their eyes on Jimmy Smith, but the Ravens snatched him from them. They deicde to upgrade their offensive line to protect Vick.

    24. Saints- Corey Liuget DT Illinois
    The Saints need help in the middle. Corey fits their system perfectly.

    Seahawks trade #25 to Bills for #34, #100, 2012 4th
    25. Bills- Christian Ponder QB Florida State
    Seahawks have hinted they wanted to trade out of the 1st round to acquire more picks. The Bills arent that impressed with Fitzpatrick so they trade up to take the next best QB in the draft.

    26. Patriots- Muhammed Wilkerson DE34 Temple
    The Patriots are known for trading down. They acquired some extra picks to move all around the draft. They take Muhammed Wilkerson who i think will be a better 3-4DE than Heyward.

    27. Falcons- Cameron Heyward DE Ohio State
    The Falcons need a player that can rush the passer and set the edge. They could've reached and taken a WR, but decide to take a DE because Defense wins championships.

    Patriots trade #28 to the Steelers for #31,#128, #196
    28. Steelers- Nate Solder OT Colorado
    Steelers really need to protect their QB. They move up to take the best available OT. They knew the Bears would take him if they didnt move up.

    29. Bears- Danny Watkins OG Baylor
    The Bears need to protect Cutler. They decide to start with their interior lineman.

    30. Jets- Akeem Ayers OLB UCLA
    JT gone. Gholston a bust. They need to upgrade their OLB corps. They take the next available OLB.

    31. Patriots- Brooks Reed OLB Arizona
    The Patriots traded down 3 times in the first round. They have enough ammo to move up into rounds 2 and 3 or trade for future picks. They take Brooks Reed who I think will be a steal. He can rush the passer and thats what the Patriots need.

    32. Packers- Justin Houston OLB Georgia
    Packers need an OLB to compliment Matthews. They take the next available OLB in the draft.
  2. NewFeep

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    Aug 27, 2010
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    I love the end result! I would be thrilled with wilkerson and reed at the end of Thursday night. Count me in!
  3. patfanken

    patfanken Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Jul 11, 2005
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    #91 Jersey

    Great read as always, but WTF are we going to do with 2 MORE late 5th and 6th round picks. If your goal is to see how many picks you can acquire then fine. If your goal is to acquire IMPACT football players for a roster that is pretty full, then you failed.

    I'm liking Wilkerson more and more, but he is still raw and WON"T be an impact player for next year. Also from what I hear, the hope for Wilkerson is that he is the next Ty Warren. NEWSFLASH - The REAL Ty Warren is going to be on the team already and he is finally healthy. I don't need another one. If I am going to invest in a DE, I want someone who can add skills to the DE mix, not duplicate them.

    And I have a real problem with Reed, when I see that Mike freakin Wright had as many sacks playing 3-4 DE in the NFL in just 7 games, as Reed had playing in the freakin PAC 10 against one guy has who has been mentioned as a high draft pick. All he has going for him is a superior 10 yd split in the freakin 40 yd dash. He has NO college production - He has few techniques. - He has no experience at doing anything but rushing the passer, with an obvious lack of success at the COLLEGE level. Why would I think he would fair better in theNFL...because Clay Mathews did?????!!!! :rolleyes: Reed is the ANTITHESIS of a BB pick. Low football IQ, and poor college production vs his measurables. He's a great 3rd round pick, but in the first round????? he's a huge reach. You can't name me a single BB pick at the top of the draft who would be as big a reach. Even Volmer (which is as close as I can come to someone) had a better record of production at Houston and he was late 2nd .

    No KDPPa, maybe if I saw the entire draft, I would be happier. You picked the 2 positions I want to see taken in the first round. Kudos for that, but I would go nuts watching OTHER teams go and get the players I want to see us get, knowing that we had more ready assets than any of them to go and do it, ESPECIALLY when all I get back for it are 4 players whose names I won't know and who will likely be playing on another team after the last cuts.

    As BB himself put so eloquently just recently. There come's a point where you have to translate those draft picks into players. THIS is the year. Why shouldn't WE get the impact players. We have to picks to get ANYONE we want. You want Robert Quiinn. We can get him at 5 at 7 at 10, wherever we think we have to go to get him. WE HAVE THE CAPITAL.... and we'd STILL have more picks in the first 3 round than anyone.

    And the same can be said for JJ Watt, Cam Jordan, etc etc.

    I'm just guessing but wouldn't trading the 17,28,60 get us into the top 3. How about Darieus or Peterson along with whomever we want at 33. Pretty good haul for a 14-2 team. Much better than a work in progress at 26 and a HUGE risk at 31.

    Sorry its late and I rambled on. Again great read....just not what I'm hoping for .....as you might have noticed :D
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2011
  4. Box_O_Rocks

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    Mar 13, 2005
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    Indy trade? Polian would be turning over a new leaf because he's a sit and wait guy.
  5. brady199

    brady199 Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Mar 4, 2007
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    Nice Read.

    No Mark Ingram in the first round? I think he could fall into the 20's but not out of the first round.

    I remember last year everyone was saying this was going to be a weak draft, becasue so many juniors came out last year, becasue of Salary concerns with a rookie cap, but there seems to be plenty of good players.

    Couldn't you of listed a 33rd pick? I know it probably would of been a trade. LOL.
  6. ZoisKing

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    Sep 16, 2010
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    No Jersey Selected

    Great read yourself! I concur on your evaluation of Reed and certainly believe that the mass media has severely influenced the thinking of many around here on this guy.
  7. manxman2601

    manxman2601 Pro Bowl Player

    Mar 21, 2011
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    #24 Jersey

    Hate to point this out, but you've got the Redskins trading down from #10 to #18 with the Chargers but then also trading down from #13. You mixed up the Redskins and the Cowboys second picks. Small nitpick.

    As to the draft itself, not a bad job at all although I too am not convinced Brooks Reed warrants a first round grade.

    As for the extra picks that you've acquired and been questioned, i wouldn't have a problem. The #'s 87 and 123 you acquired could be bundled with our 125 to move us right to the top of the third round, prime Boling, Carpenter, Jarvis Jenkins territory.
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