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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by shatch62, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. shatch62

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    Anybody hear Andy Gresh on the Radio Sunday night after the loss to the Colts? He went on and on about how the Pats need a shut down CB and that the Pats D will not be able to contain the Colts w/o one. He used last nights loss and the loss last year to prove they are not the same team w/o Ty Law. Someone called in and said the loss of Rodney last night was key but Gresh said it was minor and that Harrison is not a cover guy. The Pats need a cover guy and he used the Denver / Pittsburgh game earlier Sunday as an example. He stated that Champ Bailey ? who picked Roethlisberger twice - covers half the field and that leaves the other 10 defenders to cover the rest of the field. The pats will not be a dominate D without a player like Champ. I find all this funny because:

    1) The ?dominate? Denver D with Bailey lost last week to the Colts and they let up more points than the Pats did yesterday.
    2) While it is true the Pats pass D was bad the last 2 time verse Indy and there was no Ty Law for those games, Law also missed the playoff game a few years back when Manning was 27-42 for 238 yards 0 TD and 1 Int. Rodney played in that game. So who was more valuable? Ty or Rodney

    I thought the Pats CBs played way too soft last night. Samuel was giving a 10 yard cushion on almost every play. Also, Bruschi, as much as I love him was Awful trying to cover the Cots TEs. The Pats D did not look good but the loss last night was squarely on the Offense. Last night was like the loss to Denver last year. The Pats gave the game away. But like that Denver loss, it was not the Ds fault
  2. MrBigglesWorth

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    I think they need some size back there. I posted this in another thread. I was disappointed Rodney got injured and Chad was forced to move inside leaving two small d-backs on the outside.
  3. brady2brown

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    I think the offense lost this game, not the defense, but I would not feel badly at all if we used next year's firsts on a CB and a MLB. And a second on a safety.

    Other than that, we could use a third down back with a pair of hands, and maybe another CB and LB.

    Not sure why our offense seems not to need help, yet they still blew the game last night....
  4. MrTibbs

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    The offense lost the game not the D. The Patriots offense gave the ball away 5 times and never took advantage of one of the weakest defenses in the NFL. I think the matchup that was lost was the Colts DC against the Patriots OC (McDaniels). He continues to show us that he doesn't know how to adjust to what defenses are doing to our offense. What the hell has happend to the playaction pass?
  5. SVN

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    DB's held up as much as they could ...we lost because of a clueless offense
    that being said we have to draft decent DB's and a few of them in the next draft ..our last 2-3 drafts in the DB position have been useless -dexter reid,guss scott, james sanders...
    Our defense as a whole lacks speed compared to some of the other defenses...the amount of pressure we put on the colts yesterday..if it was the pitt D for e.g. they would sacked manning 4-5 times IMO simply because of the speed.
  6. rabthepat

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    I think an argument could be made the D lost the game. We let their receivers run free down field, too many penalties, Colts were 3 for 3 scoring on their first 3 drives. How often do we win when the opponent scores 27 or more points? We are no longer a come from behind team. Didn't happen against Denver or Indy.
  7. SoonerPatriot

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    Ummm....I'll go out on a limb and say this secondary is average at best, even with Rodney in there.

    The fact is, we haven't been the same since Law has been gone. That's why BB's coaching job in 2004 was probably his best. He cobbled together a secondary that got us through 2 playoff games and the Super Bowl. It was a minor miracle. BBs mistake was thnking that we could get away with that for a full season and a half.

    When Madden and Michaels see Troy Brown in there on D, they see a neat little story about the guy who can do it all. I see it as a major problem that shouldn't be happening and something that is borderline embarassing.

    I'm not saying we should have re-upped Law at any price, just that our D has been in decline ever since he got greedy and left.
  8. DarrylS

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    That is a real good point, I am not sure we will ever see a Ty Law like player back there, but would like to give it a try. Hobbs and Samuel are ok, but have heard in the past that Samuel is really a nickel back thrown into everydown coverage. I also think we need to look at our safeties next year, not sure Wilson and Sanders are the best answer, and Rodney might not be back.
  9. borg

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    The WR corp and secondary are almost exclusively filled with minimum wage guys (except Harrison) and these are the groups that get exposed against the best teams. BB's defensive philosophy is to keep plays in front of you until the opposition makes a mistake and this formula has been successful against the also-rans of the league. Unfortunately, a team like the Colts can protect the passer long enough, the QB is so accurate, and their superior WR corp outclasses the smurf DBs...the perfect storm. An additional issue I noticed was how slow the MLBs were in pass coverage. I suspect that BB must tweak his defensive formula for the future and include additional speed
  10. JustWinBrady

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    the bottom line is that the pat's "d" looks old and slow at times. the pats "d" needs a minor overhaul this offseason. look for pats to focus on lb, safety and cb in free-egency and the draft. the pats are loaded with draft picks in 07 and look for the pats to draft mainly defensive players next year, the same way they focused on the offense this year.
  11. CTPatsFan

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    I was relatively comfortable with our secondary, until this game. Rodney going down certainly didn't help, but watching Pay-ton pick them apart was painful to watch.
  12. cloud34

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    Shutdown corners like Ty Law (in his prime) and Champ Bailey don't grow on trees....
  13. PatsFan37

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    Would Gresh complain about the running backs if both Dillon and Maroney were out? So why complain about the secondary when Wilson and Harrison are out?

    What the secondary needs are two healthy starting safeties. And an offense that scores points. And a kickoff coverage team that doesn't leave the Colts at the 50 yard line.

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