...and then there was nothing

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    So all this about Matt Walsh having a tape of the rams walkthrough before SB 36 was false, this idea that he had new info about the patriots cheating was false, and the hope by the sports media and patriots haters all around america that the team would get another fine, has been shot down. The Patriots "cheated" and are "tainted" yeah right. Anyone who thinks the only reason the Pats won 3 SBs this decade and played in a 4th, is all because of a camera on the sidelines, is full of ****. Even the Steelers, one of the teams the pats taped, said they do not think it is an issue. Coach Bellichick said he has never used the tapes during the game to get an advantage, and nothing shows that he is lying about that. He said he never has had anyone tape the practice of another team, and nothing has proven he lied about that, either. There will be no more fines, there will be no more lost draft picks, and there never should have been in the first place. The only thing the Pats did was tape from an illegal spot in the stadium, they did not even use that tape on gameday. Remember, it is legal to tape from a number of places in the stadium, such as the press box. How do we know that other teams did not do the same thing to the Patriots? Jimmy Johnson admitted that he did the same thing, should the 92 and 93 Cowboys have an *? In SB 38, the Panthers team that the Pats beat had half the starting defense get busted with steroids, yet fans do not scream about how they cheated their way to the super bowl. Patriots dynasty tainted? My ******* ass. Matt Walsh is really the one who should be blased by the media, he STOLE tapes from the team. He taped PRIVATE coverstaions with the Patriots owner. Yet, Bellichick is the one the media attacks, not Walsh.
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    Re: ....and then there was nothing

    Great post. That pretty much sums it all up.
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