Americorps and Bush's Hypocrisy

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by All_Around_Brown, Mar 15, 2006.

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    Many on this board agreed some time ago that the Americorps was a good program in getting young people to serve their communities and country. Some stated that everyone should be asked to serve in some capacity if not in the military. Now, even though Bush used this program for photo ops in the past, he plans on cutting the program altogether.

    What a manipulative turd this guy is.
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    Does this guy even have a clue? I'm sure I'll be called a Bushbasher now, but maybe that should be a distinction of honor. Lets' cut a program that promotes "America" and what it once stood for because somone totally was irrresponsible with the budget. So much for: It's not what your country can do for you, its what you can do for your country. Lets' lease our ports to a country that recognizes terrorist nations because we need the money because we have to float the deficit.
    Garrison Keillors' commentary today harps on his lack of attention of high order. "I keep going back to the intelligence memo of August 2001, that said terrorists had plans to hijack planes and flly them into buildings. The president read it, and didn't even call a staff meeting to discuss it". Do you suppose thats what he was thinking about during those 7 minutes in the classroom where he sat frozen while our nation was under attack. What is a constant in his presidency is his failure to learn. Katrina was a disaster of epic proportions that will dog him for the rest of his term and his legacy. Appointing an inexperienced person to a critical post to the survival of our country was brilliant! What is even more genius is following that trend with an abnormal selection to the World Bank , and now he wants to fill the Head highway position with the former head of the "big dig". This is a guy that approved big severance packages for the Big Dig lawyers. No one can defend Bush's actions, rather we will hear attacks on the liberal media or criticms of former presidents. Another three years, thats fine. Just let us know how you like your duck cooked.

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