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American claiming to be hunting bin Laden arrested

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by DisgruntledTunaFan, Jun 15, 2010.

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    Colo. man went on solo mission to kill bin Laden - Yahoo! News
    By RIAZ KHAN and MUNIR AHMED, Associated Press Writers Riaz Khan And Munir Ahmed, Associated Press Writers – 34 mins ago

    Video at source link

    PESHAWAR, Pakistan – An American armed with a pistol and a 40-inch (102-centimeter) sword was detained in northern Pakistan and told investigators he was on a solo mission to kill Osama bin Laden, a police officer said Tuesday.

    The man, identified as 52-year-old Californian construction worker Gary Brooks Faulkner, said he wanted to cross over into the nearby Afghan province of Nuristan because he had "heard bin Laden was living there", according to officer Mumtaz Ahmad Khan.


    "We initially laughed when he told us that he wanted to kill Osama bin Laden," said Khan. But he said when officers seized the pistol, the sword, a dagger and night-vision equipment, "our suspicion grew."


    Washington has offered a bounty of $25 million for information leading to his capture.

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