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    Quick review of yesterday's gamebook for our heralded alumni. These are not conclusive, but indicators or how our former players did.

    In a Titans Loss David Givens 1 reception for 3 yards, from Vince Young who had a qb rating of 47.3

    In a Seattle loss Deion Branch 3 receptions for 57 yards, Matt Hasselback had a qb rating of 39.7

    In a Cleveland win, Willie McGinnest who started at OLB, had 2 tackles..

    Vinateri did not play.

    Take it for what you want, but while playing for NE all of these guys would have had statistically better days than they had yesterday, as contended all along this team knows how to play to their strengths, not sure if their new teams have this aptitude.
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    I have a feeling that the Branch trade is going to be a bust for Seattle. The Pats did the right thing in trading him. Lets just hope that Seattle looses a lot more games like last night!
  3. marty

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    In the end, those guys are laughing all the way to the bank. It would be interesting, years from now, to see if they have any regrets.
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    You left out Law, Milloy, Woody, Patten, Fauria, Andruzzi and Ashworth. ;)
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  5. FloridaPatsFan

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    I would love to see this group of players tracked all year long on our website.

    I actually feel the most sympathy for Givens...He's on a pathetic team.

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