Alright Lets settle this right now, You are the Pats GM, Who do you draft?

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  1. At the #21 pick of the draft I would not take a LB. Why are you guys so high on Carpenter? Just because he working out with Vrabel doesn't mean anything. You can speculate all you want, no one knows what the Pats will do with the Pick. The draft is too deep at LB, get another player that can help you out in other areas, then in the 2nd round of even third, you should be able to get a quality player. So if Maroney is available, I take him. Who knows if Dillon will show up in shape and will stay on the field. He's 31 years old, and the lack of running game was part of the reason why opposing teams tee'd off on Brady. Not to forget the injury's to the O-Line. We NEED TO GROOM A REPLACEMENT NOW!

    So here is your chance. You are the Pats GM, who do you draft and why?
  2. Remix 6

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    If we choose a defensive player..the New England Patriots select Manny Lawson or Kamerion Wimbley

    If we choose an offensive player..the New England Patriots select DeAngelo Williams or Laurence Maroney. Im hesistate about both

    Williams...small? Durability? Next Kevin Faulk?

    Maroney..small? Product of system?

    Both are smaller..very fast...good vision..Maroney has more of a breakaway speed
  3. stinkypete

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    Why am I so high on Bobby Carpenter?

    He has the ideal size to play 3-4 linebacker. He runs a 4.66 40 and is an accomplished pass rusher. He's a sound tackler, good in coverage. Proficient against both the pass and the run. He's known for his toughness and has a non stop motor. He's versatile enough to play anywhere in a 3-4 defense and has enough experience to come in and contribute as a rookie.

    Compare that to Lawson, a workout warrior who is undersized and weak against the run, and Wimbley, who is a one trick pony.
  4. mavfan2390

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    And with the 21st pick in the NFL Draft the New England Patriots select...

    Chad Greenway, linebacker, well mavfan2390, what do you think of the pick?

    well, Greenways instincts are second to none, he's truely an impact player, BUT he needs to add 10 to 15 punds and really hit the weight or steroids (j/k) if he wants to succeed, however, by midseason everyone will know his name and be excited about who the pats have drafted, expect BB to keep him mostly in coverage at first (blitzing only now and then), while he bulks, and when he adds weight, expect a player many will compare to fellow patriot roosevelt colvin,

    now, for the rest

    2. Maurice Drew
    3a. Kai Parham
    3b. Martin Nance
    4a. Orien Harris
    4b. Devin Hester

    im a lazy gm, so ill let pioli take over for the rest ;)
  5. SeanBruschi54

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    You could draft Bobby Carpenter and get instant results since he sheads blockers quite well and is a great tackler. No weight gaining needed to begin with.
  6. tombonneau

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    I'd say at this point Carpenter.

    Someone asked why people are high on him. Well, I'll fully admit, I'm merely a casual college fan, but I catch my share of games.

    My main impression of Carpenter the Texas game early in the year, by all means a huge game for the regular season. Well, him and Hawk both had amazing games, Carpenter definitely looked on his level, if not better. And Hawk is a lock for Top 10.

    If Carpenter had not broken his leg and played a full season at the same level he started, no doubt he would be a top 15 pick. Likely 2nd LB taken after Hawk.

    I think Pats would be "reaching" for him at #21, but so were the Hawks last year with Tatupu. Sometimes, you just gotta take a guy bc he's a player. Carpenter is a player.

    Oh, and as others have said, he has the BB size. The reason IMO NE has not taken lots of LBs, is few good highly ranked guys have the size BB likes. Carpenter has it.
  7. mavfan2390

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    In this draft there's Hawk, Greenway, and the rest, I know he didn't perform well at the combine, but those things happen, although Bobby has a football body already, Greenways instincts are at a whole other level. You can have Greenway hit the weights hard, and turn into a physical specimen, but you can't teach instincts to Carpenter.

    Don't take my word for it: Smart player with excellent instincts and great football intelligence
  8. holyredeemer

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    Whole other level?? Dude, did u ever watch Carpenter play ball?? He was and still is just as good as AJ Hawk. I agree with tomboneay. If Carpenter hadn't injured his leg, we would be seeing a totally different outlook on this guy.
    If we can get him where we are then we will have gotten a major steal. He can play inside, outside and DE. Greenway cant do that. Greenway just isnt right for this system IMO. Too much of a finesse player. Carpenter however, can come in and get it done at any spot.
    In all reality though. We aren't going to get either of these guys. BB will probably go a totally different route. TE with our luck:) I have full confidence in his decisions though. Kai Parham would b a good pick in later rounds for us...i would really like that pick.
  9. mavfan2390

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    i guess i just disagree, i really felt carpenter was the product of a system, he just seemed idk....oh well, we'll see

    oh and i have a minor change, if we can get sinorice moss in the second round, i want him, he like bethel johnson with sure hands, and good routes,
  10. Brady'sButtBoy

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    When you consider the blend of experience and talent, there really is only one choice-

    Heidi Klum

  11. DocAdkinsDiet

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    I still say Carpenter. Yes the draft is very deep at LB, but it is also very deep at RB. I have to many questions about Maroney and Williams that have mostly been mentioned already. Carpenter is ready to play and ready to play at a very high level. He just seems like a great fit to me.
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  12. DocAdkinsDiet

    DocAdkinsDiet Practice Squad Player

    Of course they will probably do something nobody expects and take somebody that no one is talking about. Like an o-lineman or something. I don't think I have ever been right on a Pats first pick. They always do something that I pretty much didn't see coming.
  13. minvardar

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    What are the odds on BB selecting a Tight End?
  14. BelichickFan

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    Not in the first round but a decent chance in the second, IMO, as the draft as very strong with second round TE.
  15. big mike

    big mike Practice Squad Player

    I like Carpenter because he has the body size and skills to be able to play either ILB or OLB in the 3-4. While the draft is deep in LBs, not everyone projects well to the 3-4. IMO, Carpenter projects very well there. He has a great attitude, great work ethic, loads of physical talent, and good instincts. Is he the best LB in the draft? No. But, IMO he's a great fit for the Pats (and sure, him working out with Vrabel helps there), and would be solid value at 21, or preferably trading back a few picks.

    Yes, Lawson is more of a physical specimen in terms of speed (but 20 pounds lighter than Carpenter), and has more potential upside. Carpenter though is (IMO) more able to step in in week 1 as a starter, and is less of a risk. There are other DE-OLB tweeners that could be taken later in the draft as projects to develop, rather than taking Lawson in round 1. But, I can certainly see BB taking Lawson if he's there at 21. I just see him as a bit more of a risk, but yes, with more potential upside in terms of his speed.

    Duh. SO why did you bother starting a thread that's purely asking us to speculate?

    IMO, there's a substantial dropoff after round 1 (or early round 2) in terms of ability to be a starter as a rookie. Many of the other guys we'd look at later in the draft are DE-OLB tweeners. There's always more risk there, since you don't know how well the person will be able to pick up a new skillset, and how their talents will project to that position. I see Carpenter as more of a guarantee than the LBs who will be picked in round 2 and afterwards. We can then use one or two later picks on tweeners like Chris Gocong, Ryan LaCasse, etc. as guys with good potential upside, but who won't be as much of a guarantee. Maybe even an ILB like Kai Parham may slip to day 2 due to his slow 40 time.

    IMO, some of the round 2 and 3 RBs are closer to Maroney in terms of talent and readiness than the round 2 and 3 LBs are to a guy like Carpenter. I'd be happier having Carpenter in round 1 and Addai in round 2 or Norwood in round 3, than Maroney in round 1 and any round 2/3 LB.

    I'd go:
    1. Carpenter (trading down a few picks if it looks reasonable (i.e. still guys like Greenway and Sims on the board, such that the Giants won't trade up to target Carpenter) and there's a willing trade partner)

    2. Joseph Addai (RB) (probably trading up some - with Lendell White falling, trading up to get Addai will likely be required). Presumably whatever we can get for trading back a bit for Carpenter could be used to trade up for Addai.

    If we can't get Addai, and Richard Marshall (CB) is still on the board, I'd grab him. Otherwise, I'd trade back 10-20 picks and take Jerrius Norwood (RB).

    3a. If we took Richard Marshall in round 2, I'd take Jerrius Norwood here. Otherwise, one of these TEs: Lewis, Byrd, Fasano, Klopfenstein, or Scheffler (the last two could be had by trading back a ways).

    3b. Chris Gocong or Ryan LaCasse, as a developmental LB.

    day 2 would target one or more OLmen, one of the QBs who could be converted to WR (while serving as 3rd string QB), and another LB, perhaps Kai Parham, since I think he'll fall to round 4 or 5 due to his slow 40 time (which makes him unappealing as a 4-3 MLB, but he'd be a great run stuffing 3-4 ILB).

    and of course a kicker. :)
  16. big mike

    big mike Practice Squad Player

    I'm thinking BB goes TE in the third.
  17. ilduce06410

    ilduce06410 Third String But Playing on Special Teams


    at #21, i'd take d'brickashaw ferguson. he's gonna fall, i can feel it.
    to me, the top of this drafft is not that impressive.
    i trade out of 21 for a veteran WR
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  18. Feep_FLA

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    At 21 they take Bobby Carpenter unless someone really tumbles down like a Michael Huff or Tye Hill, which won't happen...... No way they take a RB or DB.
  19. Newtonian

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    At #21, if we stay there, I'm guessing one of Wembley/Carpenter/Lawson.

    If we don't go OLB, my next guess would be CB; in which case I could see one of Marshall/Cromartie. Several others as well.

    I don't think there's any way we go RB in round #1 because there will be quality sliders into rounds #2 and #3.

    Looks like we' should be able to a good replacement for Givens, whether that be Haas, Stovall, Jennings or somebody else they've got their eye on who I'm completely unaware of (which is what happens with every pick, it seems)

    We could bundle a few picks to get another pick in the 2nd round. I think that could be worth it.

    All of this said, I am undoubtedly wrong for the most part and will be scambling through my books to catch up on who they actually end up getting.

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