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    From Hawaii and been a Pats fan for life. Just found out my girlfriend bought us tickets to the pats vs broncos game in november for my birthday gift. Super excited for my first ever NFL and to watch the pats dominate. We are staying in Boston, thinking of taking a train to the stadium but it arrives right before kick-off. We would like to browse around the stadium for a bit and grab a couples drinks at a near by bar. Does anyone know what a taxi would run you from Boston to Gillette?(have to ride a ride back to Boston also) Any good bars around the stadium? And just any tips we should know about?
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    This thread is a couple years old, but should still be relevant and give you some good ideas.

    Advice on what fans making their first visit to Gillette can expect |

    first time to Gillette Stadium |

    As far as a taxi from Boston to Gillette, that would be extremely expensive; it's about 20-25 miles away. Parking is expensive too; you may want to consider looking into a motel that is in/near Foxboro, and taking a cab (or walking) from there for game day. Another option to consider is to take the T to Sharon, and a taxi from there. First train on Sunday is still late morning - it arrives in Sharon at 11:40 - but at least you can hang out afterwards as long as you want.

    MBTA | Schedules and Maps | Rail Lines | Providence - Stoughton

    As far as bars near Gillette, there are a few at Patriot Place - that will surely be crowded. You might want to consider just wandering around the parking lots and seeing if you can join a tailgate, bringing some beverages and/or food to share.

    Patriot Place

    Hope that helps... enjoy the game, that's a helluva birthday gift!
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    Where in Boston are you staying? Perhaps we can find you a ride. We are the Razor's Edge Tailgate Fangroup. We tailgate 4+ hours before the game and 2 hours after the game. You are more than welcome to join us and get the full experience. We have one group member that comes in from Somerville that might be able to take you. What time is the game?
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    Heard that tailgating is awesome in Boston. Hope to go there one day. Hope to save money and tailgate in all the thirty-two NFL teams.

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