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  1. The upcoming Jets game has some historical significance. The Patriots all time record now stands at 353 - 354 & 9.

    A victory against the Jets will establish an the Patriots as having an all time record at .500 ball in their 45 years of competition. Actually, the 9 ties are not considered losses so they are really 4.5 games OVER .500. In 1963 the extra half win, by the tie, allowed them to win the AFLE championship. They were subsequently beat 51-10 by the San Diego Chargers for the AFL championship.

    The Patriots first took the field in 1960 as the last and eighth team to be organized and awarded a franchise in the (second) American Football League, under the leadership of Billy Sullivan.

    A historical curiosity is that Boston's entry almost didn't happen. Minneapolis was originally to be the eighth entry and Boston was to be ignored after the failure of Boston to support previous pro football franchises, Boston Redskins, Boston Yanks, Boston Bulldogs and the Boston Yankees.

    But Minneapolis listened to the blandishments of the counter-attacking NFL, and chose to re-organize as an NFL expansion franchise along with another expansion franchise awarded to Dallas. If it hadn't been for the Cowboys and Vikings, in particular, there would never have been a Patriots franchise.

    At one point the Patriots were 76 games below .500, although we still loved them.
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    never the less, nice research arizona!
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    Agreed, and nice to know. It took a long time to get there, but better late than never. Actually, I wonder if the Pats got to or over .500 lifetime due to those 70s teams with Grogan, Hannah, Morgan, etc.
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    Great post! I saw that 52-10 game. Lance Allworth, Kieth Lincoln et. al. were much faster than the old-style sluggish but good Pats team. Ran circles around them. We can all thank Michael Jackson for screwing over the Sullivans such that the franchise got sold, eventually to the Krafts. Then again, tix to those losing Pats games were cheap and readily available. Costs me $250 per game for 2 tix these days.
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    I suspect the Pats never got that stat above .500 in the Grogan '70s.

    This is interesting stuff. Makes me wonder who else is above .500 and who else is below. Who would be the Top Five all-time? Maybe Dallas, Pittsburgh, Denver? Not so sure about San Fran.
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    damn dude, you're old

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    Agreed. For winning percentage purposes ties count as a half win/half loss. A team with an 0-0-16 record would have a winning percentage of .500
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    The Pats were above .500 until the late 1960s then never again.
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    i will be staying up for the monday night game if i can stay awake :rolleyes:
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    Folkin' A!

    B, C, and D too!
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    Top 5 regular season records as of the start of the year:

    Miami .600
    Bears .574
    Cowboys .573
    Browns .572
    Packers .559
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    NFL Records since 1945 (includes playoffs)

    Top 5

    1. Miami (.592)
    2. Oakland (.580)
    3. Dallas (.575)
    4. San Francisco (.551)
    5. Minnesota (.547)

    Bottom 5

    28. Arizona (.416)
    29. Atlanta (.410)
    30. New Orleans (.403)
    31. Tampa Bay (.391)
    32. Houston (.279)


    1. Miami (.592)
    18. New England (.499)
    23. Buffalo (.478)
    26. New York Jets (.451)
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    ive got a preety good Pats record 17 games seen 17 games won so im doing alright :rolleyes: dont ya think?
  15. Wouldn't be hard the last four years. In the early 90's that would have been very difficult.

    But when I was living in DC I went to 9 Capitals games in the first two years of their expansion, and never saw a loss. As I recall the first season, th e Caps had 2 victores, 6 ties and 70 some odd losses. The second year was about the same. The guys at our small company bought a pair of season tickets and we had a drawing for the games we got. To find 9 games that resulted in no losses was truly an exceptional occurance.

    We wrote a letter to the Caps and the Caps announcer mentioned us when we attended the ninth and last game in the second year. There was joking talk that we should be the good luck "rabbit's foot" mascot. After that season, I left the company for another job and never saw another Caps game, but I definitely felt like I was pushing my luck...
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    I remember back around late 2001, early 2002 thinking that BB had a chance, maybe a longshot, to get this team over .500 lifetime before he was done. Great to see it will be there in 2 weeks.

    Just to note.

    Through 2002 the franchise record was 29 under .500.
    Assuming we win the last 2, that would get all 29 made up in 3 years, plus the one to get over .500.

    AMAZINGLY, from that day, it would take 8 years of averaging 10-6 to get to over .500, and it will be done in 3.

    Career record,
    Bill Belichcik 62-32 66% winning %\
    Since start of 2001 57-21 73.1%
    With Tom Brady 57-19 75%
    Since start of 2003, 37-9 80.4%
    (And of course playoffs 9-0)

    All other Patriot coaches combined in history 291-322-9 48.1%

    On this pace, using tyhe Brady years, it would take BB approximately 19 more seasons to equal all of the teams wins in its history before he arrived. Thats 25 years to total what took 40.
  17. AFL championship game not on Boston TV!!


    I never saw that game because it wasn't broadcast in Boston. The Boston pro football team was competing for a championship and the local TV clowns couldn't be bothered to broadcast it, from San Diego!

    They had the G$#@$#%%^ damn Niew Yawwk Foootball Giants on Boston TV, as they were on every damn week. I learned to hate that New York team witha vengeance that BoSox fans feel for the NYY.

    I died listening to Curt Gowdy on the radio, describe the exploits of Bambi Alworth at WR, Paul Lowe at HB, Kieth Lincoln at FB. I can't remember whether John Hadl was QB or Tobin Rote for the Chargers, but Sid Gillman was the best Coach in the AFL at that time. He forced everyone else to step up to compete.
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    Are you sure that game wasn't televised out of Boston? I could swear I died with the Pats watching it on TV.

    Edit: maybe it was televised out of Portland ME. or Manchester N.H. I was living in N.H. then.
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  19. good page

    That's a nice page. It reveals that the Pats overall record ranks them as you would expect, in the middle of the League, at 16th. There are 4 other cubs in shooting distance of being passed in another year if Belichick teams continue piling up the wins. The first two are four games above .500 and the fourth is the Steelers at 8 games above .500.

    Another anomaly that I didn not know is that at the start of this season the Patriots as a Member of the NFL were at .500 witha 280-280-0 record. Before the merger they were 64-69-9 in the AFL.

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