All-time Celtics need your vote!!

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by patsfan55, May 9, 2006.

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    theres a vote goin on at
    its a playoff of the best 16 franchises
    and to make them up, they give each franchise its ten best players

    anyway the c's are the number one seed in the east, and made it to the eastern conf finals

    BUT, they are facing the bulls

    and you know how much everyone takes it up the *** from jordan

    please go and vote for the celts, they need it

    we all know that bird, havlicek, cousy, russell, pierce, heinsohn, parrish, mchale, jojo, cowens would kick the ass of any other franchise, but jordan wins so many popularity contests

    i grew up hating the bulls and jordan, as my childhood saw bird go into his decline, and the rise of jordan
    i resented him for taking the spot light from bird

    so, go vote for your beloved celtics
  2. patsfan13

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    Artis Gilmore more 'efficent' than BILL RUSSELL???????????

    Brain dead as usual with ESPN. Cousey not as efficent as P Peirce?

    What the Hell are they smoking
  3. scout

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    I think the Celts second team could give most of those teams a run for their money. I also think this belongs in another forum.
  4. ilduce06410

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    probably does, BUT...

    the patriots of the 21st century resemble the the top 10 celts team in many ways, but IMO this is the most important:
    you can outperform and defeat them on paper. but ya can't do it ON THE FIELD (court), baybee.
    one of the great joys of the late '50s, 60s, and 2000s for me has been watching boston teams go out and consistently BEAT BETTER SQUADS.
    the 1962 (chamberlain-baylor-west-hairston) lakers were better than our boys, and you could also make arguments for several iterations of those '76ers (luke jackson, chet 'the jet', hal greer, wali jones, billy cunningham).
    and i think of that incredible rams team. the eagles, who as i recall were favored. and yet there was no doubt in my mind about the eagles game, or the panthers for that matter. remember our starting O-lines? no problem.
    it's the same now, and for me, every game, it won't matter if the opponent is a better team or not. patriots will outperform them on the field, play after play.
    so let the computer playoffs generate their resultss. i'll look at them and smile and think, "not on the field, baby. not on the court either".
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  5. Top ten Bulls? Is there even such a thing?Its Celtics or nobody....This reminds me of the silly Brady or Hannah poll.
  6. smg93

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    I really loved Jordan growing up but there is no way in hell that his team beats russell, bird, cousy, havlicek, parrish, mchale.

    This poll has to come down to all time Lakers vs. all time Celtics. While that'll be a tough call, the 11 straight NBA championships sways the vote towards the C's for me.

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