All of these WR signings are for Maroney

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Snarf, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. Snarf

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    Seriously. We all know what Maroney can do when he has a little room.

    And we all know that he wasn't showing much confidence in tight formations.

    Spread 'em wide, keep WRs on the field, and give Maroney the room he needs to be brilliant.
  2. Crazy Patriot Guy

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    I don't think we signed anyone for a specific person. I think we signed people for the 53 players and group of coaches that will be killing themselves all season trying to become a champion.

    The additions at WR will help Maroney, and I'm sure the brass thought of the running game when they tried to improve the passing game. You're making it sound though like they were just doing Maroney a favor, which I incredibly disagree with.
  3. fair catch fryar

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    The bottom line is that these signings were smart from a financial standpoint and a competition among WR in training camp. The Pats are protected for the first year and not committed to any long term $$ until BB can see what he has. You can only imagine that these guys are all being brought in as insurance for possible injuries and to compete against one another in order to raise the level of competition and hard work. The one thing that I know is that I would never want to guess who our top receivers will be come mid October, you never can tell. I do believe that whatever happens, this looks to be a year for Brady to finally quiet all the dumba$%es that still say he is overrated and is a product of the system. This offense is finally being built around a future hall of fame QB entering his prime years(scary thought), not a 2nd year running back that shows alot of potential!
  4. ClevTrev

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    Agree that Maroney, Brady, Morris, Faulk, Watson, D. Thomas, the OL, and the rest of the team will benefit by preventing the opponent's defense from favoring and cheating up against the run. It opens up the field. Spacing by the offense on the field will be completely different and will give the defense fits.
  5. Patriot Missile

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    I think some of it may have been a precautionary measure as well. I'm sure alot of caution flags went off this free agency period regarding the amount of money thrown out there.

    There were quite a few undeserving free agents out there getting ridiculous contracts with crazy guaranteed money. 6 yrs 32 million may sound like alot now but what happens if next season a player looks at what Dockery got?49 million with 20 guaranteed? Keep in mind this player never has and probably never will see a probowl. What if the next free agent is a probowler and decides he's worth twice of what that player is? These guaranteed contracts scare the crap out of me and I fear the league is going in the wrong direction.

    At any rate I think the Pats as always will look to see what the market is doing and if it inflates big time you may see them pull their pen out quick as **** to sign up Stallworth and Washington for the rest of their contracts.
  6. bostonqa

    bostonqa Rookie

    I have a more sinister theory

    I think there is a reason why we gave up draft picks and considerably more $$ for Welker. Also there is a reason why we hurried to get Morris.

    There is also a very good reason why we lured stallworth and Washington.

    And the reason is our Schedule

    We always have trouble playing against Miami. By getting Welker and Morris we not only get good players, but we take away good players from one of our toughest opponent. So a good deal becomes a great deal.

    We also play Eagles and Bengal’s in 2007. Go figure.

    There is more grey matter underneath that hooded sweatshirt then we think there should be.

    almost forgot we also play Ravens in 2007. i.e. (Patriots+Thomas) vs (Ravens-Thomas)
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  7. TomBradyWoot

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    What a great theory that I had never thought of. :rocker:
  8. ClevTrev

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    Ha! Interesting point of view. The fact that all of these players were either UFAs or RFAs and happened to fill major needs had nothing to do with it?

    Guess we can get a jump on the FA situation next season once the 2008 opponents are announced.:D
  9. Patriot_in_NY

    Patriot_in_NY Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    No chance................... While it may be a side benifit, that ain't the way BB operates.

    These signings fill holes mostly.

    And it also is adding a lot of speed to the offense which will spread the field and unlock the box a bit. This certainly helps Maroney (and the run game), but it not just for him. It help with YAC and underneath stuff too as well as few more downfield oppy's a game too. It does a lot of things. It's certainly the best WR since 2004, and look how that turned out for us (both in the Run and Pass game).
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  10. DarrylS

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    The O signings seem to be a byproduct of what happened with the Branch Fiasco last year, BB and SP were not prepared for that mess. So this year with much more money they have solidified our WR corp with a group of guys who will benefit from roster competition and off season workouts. Compare to last year bringing in Caldwell and Gaffney late, this is March 12 and we have 3 new guys signed and ready of offseason workouts. The day of picking up WR's off of the street and expecting them to contribute are gone, we have a group of guys we can build around. Everyone will benefit McDaniels, Brady and all of our backs. This offense on paper is as good as I can remember.. there are still some holes to fill and there is confidence they will do it through the second level fa's and the draft.

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