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    While JJ Watt gets all the attention,all Aldon Smith does is get to the QB and disrupt plays even more than Watt,and I think it's amazing that he isn't mentioned more often in the media as being among the best defensive players in the league......I haven't heard a single person say Smith is a beast like Watt is.

    Smith has had an incredible 11 sacks in the past 7 games and is on pace to shatter the single season sack record of 22.5 set by Michael Strahan and could possibly tie or pass that number Sunday night with two more games to go

    Is Watt getting more publicity because he is among a much less talented front 7 than Smith has around him with Bowman,Willis,Sopoaga and Co.?....I think both players have similar stats but Smith is the fastest pass rusher I have seen off the edge since watching Richard Dent of the Bears in the 80s.

    Smith has put Brees and Rodgers on their asses this season,hopefully Brady isn't added onto that list..
  2. Big-T

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    If Gronk is back - even primarily as a blocker Smith would essentially have to beat 2 OTs with Vollmer/Solder & Gronk on him.

    It's pretty safe to say the powers that be in New England will be scheming to keep Smith quiet or devise a way to nullify him as much as possible.
  3. RodThePat

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    JJ Watt gets more accolades because he's a 3-4 End. How often are those players that disruptive against the pass? The guy had double digit deflections, leads the league in tackles for a loss, and has 16.5 sacks. All in all, he's made 71 plays for 0 or negative yardage in 13 games. Just let that number sink in for a bit.

    Aldon Smith is a terrific player, and might very well be the best pass rusher the league has seen in a while. He'll absolutely be a handful on Sunday. I just think Watt is the more complete and impactful player.
  4. Sicilian

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    Beat me to it. Aldon Smith gets to the quarterback once more than Watt every 4 games, and that makes him more disruptive? Meanwhile, Watt's tackles for a loss and pass deflections are miles ahead of Smith's. Aldon Smith is a terrific player, one of the best pass rushers in the league, but Watt is having one of the most well rounded seasons I've ever seen out of a D-Lineman.
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    Aldon Smith will be more of a problem as he moves around a lot more and the other guys on the DL are much better than on the Texans.
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    I remember listening to a national podcast (I think was pro football weekly) back when Smith was being drafted. They had on some NFL scout with over 20 years experience, whose name I forget, who lived in the same town as the University of Missouri, where Smith went to school. He said he saw him several times since he was so local, and had him OFF HIS BOARD, because he didn't like his motor.

    I remember it, because there was some talk of him falling to 17 where the Pats had a pick. I was hoping for Watt, and if not Watt, Quinn, and if not Quinn, Kerrigan ALL were taken before we picked. Smith, OTOH, I was shocked when he went 7th. I was thrilled when that happened thinking he better the odds of us getting one of the 3 guys I wanted.

    Interesting how WRONG that experienced scout got it. Remember he didn't just dislike Smith, he had him OFF his board. :eek:. Only goes to show how Tom Brady could last until the 6th round. Its hard to draft good players. Also interesting that Watt Quinn AND Kerrigan wound up being good players by their 2nd years. Of course Watt and Smith have turned out to be massive home runs. While the guy we ended up getting much to most of our disappointment will wind up being more valuable than any of them but Watt

    BTW- I'm rooting for Smith to beat the sack record. I hate having that poser, Strahan, having it. I'll even concede him one vs the Pats.....but JUST ONE. ;)
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    Don't get me wrong,I think JJ Watt is an incredible player but he stands out on his team as his front seven is far less talented than the 49ers and it almost seems at times that he is everywhere because he is that much better than the others since Cushing has been out and it almost seems he is a one man gang at times.

    The Niners do not seem to have a weak link in the front 7 and Smith quietly does his thing because the Niners are about as talented as it gets up front and everyone up there makes plays weekly,thus he blends in well and outside of SF and its media and fan base,I don't see many others talking about him.

    My point is Watt gets a lot more attention because he really is so much more talented than the others up front without Cushing.
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  8. Rob0729

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    What sets Watt apart from Smith is his ability to swat balls at the line of scrimmage (NFL record for a d-lineman with 15) and he is better vs. the run than Smith. Smith is generally recognized as a pure pass rusher while Watt is considered more of a complete player.
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    JJ Watt moves around too. I don't believe any of his hits on Brady came against Vollmer. He beat everybody else on the line though including Solder badly. Ironically Vollmer gave up the only sack against Mercilus.
  10. Deus Irae

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    Aldon Smith has the advantage of Justin Smith taking up the double teams and freeing him to get to the QB. Watt has the advantage of being a better football player than Aldon Smith.


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    If Watt wasn't a complete player,the Texans would have more losses because he hides a lot of the deficiences the Texans have up front since Cushing went down.

    I do think Watt's presence does mean a lot more than Smith does on his team because the 49ers are stacked with talent in the front 7 and you notice his play making ability much easier than when Smith is dominating from the edge because there are so many good players in the mix.
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  12. AndyJohnson

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    Watt is a complete player, Smith is a one trick pony.
  13. mayoclinic

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    I certainly don't argue that Watt > Smith. But I don't think Smith is entirely a one trick pony. The 49ers may use him predominantly that way. But he played a much more versatile role at Missouri, including playing inside at DT at times, and not just in NASCAR packages. He has some versatility and some skills that are not being exploited. But Watt is a rare, rare animal.
  14. IllegalContact

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    he's not around a much less talented front 7......the texans are without starters brooks reed and brian cushing......take justin smiths backup and put him in there and see where aldon smith gets......regardless, the texans have more sacks as a team than do the 9ers.

    he had 5.5 sacks in the bears game....not sure if you watched that one, but it was over early, and it was jason campbell

    it's really only a difference of 1 game....if you look at their game logs, smith does not deserve more recognition......especially since watt plays 3-4 DE.....his numbers are unheard of for the position......add in his passes knocked down.......I'd take watt over aldon smith any day

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    Lets not pretend all that Aldon does is go after the QB....While he is less of a complete defender than Watt,Aldon has 57 tackles on the season and just 7 short of Watt's 64

    Thats a nice number for a 'one trick pony' :rolleyes:

    My point is while Watt is the better 'overall' player,Aldon smith almost falls under the radar outside of the bay area...

    Smith has 19.5 sacks but when was the last time ESPN even mentions the guy.
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  16. TruthSeeker

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    Either way, you can't go wrong with either player, they both scare O-Linemen (and make them look silly) and QB's. I think having Vollmer and Mankins back really helps out O-Line tenfold. Vollmer just has immense talent, and Mankins adds that mean-ness to the line. Mankins plays the position with a defensive lineman's attitude. I notice all of the skirmishes seem to include Mankins, and I kinda like that. It certainly will be a helluva challenge to keep Brady off of his back. Though I fear SF's defense more than Houston's, I fear Houston's offense more than SF's. Should be a great game.


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    I think the 49ers would have a much better chance of winning if Alex Smith were at QB,Smith reminds me a bit of a Orton type of QB which usually gives the Pats D fits.

    I think Kaepernick is the wrong choice here,he can run but I think he may get flustered against a complex defensive scheme that Patricia and Belichick will draw up.
  18. BradyFTW!

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    Smith is not more disruptive than Watt.
  19. BradyFTW!

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    They play different positions.
  20. IllegalContact

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    watt is a 3-4 DE......on running plays, his job is to take up blockers.....

    the niners are a 4-3 team with aldon smith.....he doesn't do anything other than play the line and rush the QB......he is not versatile because he's non existent in coverage

    like I said before, watt over smith and you don't even have to think about it
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