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    Im sure by now everyone knows that longtime journalist Alan Greenburg past away last week suddenly. He was 55 and died because of a heart attack. What some people may not know is that Alan had 3 young kids. There has been a trust set up for his 3 children and I would advise anyone and everyone to please give whatever you can to this trust. I didnt know Alan,, but was a big fan of all his work like so many others.

    from (
    boston sports media watch has had many journalists from the new england area and beyond write their thoughts of Mr. Greenburg, here is a small sampling:

    In addition, the New England Patriots and coach Bill Belichick expressed their sadness at the passing of Greenberg.

    the rest can be seen at (just scroll down a bit)

    Butch Stearns wrote a blog about his memories of Alan at

    here's some of what Butch wrote:

    please read some of the things that people have said about him and please, once again, give what ever you can even if its 10 dollars, just whatever you can.
    Alan Greenberg, Hartford Courant sportswriter
    Greenberg Children's Trust
    c/o Citizens Bank
    450 Boston Post Rd., Sudbury MA 01776
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    Re: Alan Greenberg Childrens' Trust

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    Re: Alan Greenberg Childrens' Trust

    thank you very much for making this a sticky.
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    That's awful, I hadn't heard this until I just read it. He was one of the most enjoyable of those who cover the Patriots imo.

    Count me in.

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