Al Qaeda on the ropes??

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Fogbuster, Sep 30, 2007.

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    Of course, he's only a "Moonie" reporter (who opposed sending the military into Iraq), so what does he know:

    Osama bin Laden "is a man on the run, from a cave, who is virtually impotent other than the tapes" he releases from time to time. That was the mid-September assessment of Frances Fragos Townsend, top adviser to President Bush on Homeland Security, terrorism and counterterrorism.

    Mrs. Townsend was a former Coast Guard assistant commandant for intelligence and a counsel to the attorney general for intelligence policy. The best and the brightest in the Bush White House, she was deputy national security adviser for combating terrorism before her rise to czar, or czarina, for transnational terrorism.

    For a terrorist darting from cave to cave, the world's most wanted terrorist wasn't as impotent as he apparently appeared in top secret e-mails speeding into Mrs. Townsend's computers. The view from cyberspace told a different story about al Qaeda. For bin Laden, it is high noon on the electronic frontier.

    As former Central Command chief Gen. John Abizaid said, "Al Qaeda's organizing ability in cyberspace is unprecedented." Cyberpower has emerged as a complex ether power in which digital grass roots are truly global. Al Qaeda's 6,000-plus Web sites supply the ability to liberate and dominate at the same time. Al Qaeda now operates in virtual space with impunity in recruiting, proselytizing, plotting and planning.


    Hm-m. Seems like an argument -- a good one -- for some kind of limits put on internet participation, but also a very sticky proposition.

  2. Harry Boy

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    They don't want to hear this stuff, it scares them, they want to see Bin Laden giving Bush the finger while he is eating grapes and laying on silk pillows with 72 virgins.

    Left wing America sort of likes Bin Laden, Ahamajadbad, Pig Face Chavez and Castro, did you notice the silence from the
    "Gay Rights Groups" and Hollywood when the news came out that there are no homosexuals in Iran even Elton John was speechless.

    Imus said "HO" and the world stopped spinning on it's axis, Oprah urinated in her $20,000 silk bloomers.
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  3. DarrylS

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    That is a pretty disengenous title, a more apt title might encaption Bin Laden, remember him.. he is the guy we can't seem to find because we don't have enough troops available to look for him.

    As far as this Author goes, he has also written, which IMO destroys all credibility of him and the Wash Neocon Times, he might be opposed as you say, but it is very hard to tell that.

    If President Bush doesn't have a war plan on his desk to unhorse Saddam Hussein — maybe he doesn't allow the New York Times to touch his desk — the Iraqi dictator most assuredly has one on his desk. It will include everything in Iraq's arsenal, according to what Saddam told his inner circle of advisers and two sons during a five-hour meeting last month that was leaked to a Kuwaiti newspaper. "Everything" in this instance means weapons of mass destruction. Iraq is known to possess both chemical and biological WMDs.

    Saddam made clear to his acolytes he would wait for the U.S. to throw the first punch — and then hit back with everything he's got, both on the battlefield and "all other fronts." This presumably means the activation of "sleeper" cells in the U.S.
  4. PressCoverage

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    look everyone! it's yet another reason to dislike people like Moonie Fog: he wants to censor the World Wide Web by playing the fear card...

    Mr. Thomas Jefferson? You were warning us against looking the other way while our freedoms are stripped?
  5. Wotan_the_Wanderer

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    Way to create a false argument. The reporter being a Moonie, if in fact he is one, has nothing to do with my thoughts on his reporting just as my thought on Judith Miller's reporting had nothing to do with her gender. Get real man.

    Ah yes, a great country like the US should always aspire to be more like China. :rolleyes:
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  6. Fogbuster

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    Oh, and "nobody" around here wasn't going to jump on that point immediately.

    Get real, yourself.

    Ah, yes, the "great country" argument. Like it's written in stone that things will always be as they are. Hate to rain on your parade but have you checked the balance of trade between the U.S. and China recently?? China has been receiving some $140 BILLION per MONTH for their goods sold in the U.S. China will have the largest economy in the world within ten-fifteen years. And, yes, they do put up a blockade on what internet traffic passes through their nation. Harm done? None. Protection level? Strong.

    Do the math.

  7. Fogbuster

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    And the Masked Hider wants to excuse the free communication of those elements who want to destroy America and the Free World by playing the macho bravado "free speech is sacred" card, even if those communications are all about: "how to kill the evil infidels". But it will only be those "evil corporations" that get melted; the "cool people" (like the Masked One) will be hailed as champions!! Che Gueverra tee-shirt, anyone.

    Tell you what: Let's do a poll of the American people. Let's ask them: "Do you want to restrict internet messages that call for the destruction of the United States and the entire Western culture or not?"

    Let's put it to a vote. I've got five large says you lose your ass. Won't be any need for chad counters on this one.

  8. Fogbuster

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    Feel free to write again when your medication level is back to normal, and what you say is actually lucid.

    Al qaeda is getting hammered. The people are turning on them. The government of Iraq is stabilzing more and more each day, which makes al qaeda's presence only a burden, like a mafia operation.

    Bin Laden will be caught (unless the Clintons call off the chase). One way or another. For now, he is reduced to writing video post cards from his latest cave.

    When he goes down, and al qaeda is shattered, those who might have been romantically attracted to this latest sexed-up "revolution" will come back down to earth and start living as normal people.

    You don't like the truth, but that is the truth.

  9. Fogbuster

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    And Imus isn't even what most would consider "conservative". He's just a folksy, down-home but angry guy who is willing to mix it up with anyone. Middle-of-the-road, if you ask me. But that "ho" slip-up really sent the liberal types into a conniption, didn't it.

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    Moonies in the White House...:rofl: :woohoo:
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  11. Fogbuster

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    Heard it here first!! (He who derides last derides best!!)


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  12. PressCoverage

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    too funny.... only a frightened man-boy like you would phrase the poll question that way... just the way Fox News would want you to present it... good little Connish mouthpiece you are...

    how bout simply "do you want to alter internet neutrality?" ... because that's precisely what you and your ilk truly want... both for paranoia and profiteering reasons...

    paranoia and profit... the tenets of the modern rethuglican party....
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  13. Fogbuster

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    Translation: "Yep, I'd get my arse kicked big-time if I came out with a straight-up man-to-man question. Better resort to my usual m.o. and go after the messenger... (ahem): 'Hey, Foggy, you're just a Con-man!!!'" :rofl:

    Yeah, sure. Tell us about it. :woohoo:

  14. PressCoverage

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    initiate the poll here then, tough guy.... if it's not a landslide, do you promise to go away for a while?.... direct challenge.... if you're not willing to take it, please shut the heil up...
  15. fleabassist1

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    I have never seen a liberal complain about freedoms being stripped. :confused:
  16. Fogbuster

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    Because it's NOT "internet neutrality" that is at work here; it's "using the internet to incite riot, mayhem, subterfuge, terrorism, death, destruction, murder, and the like". Putting a lid on any or all of these things ain't an attack on "neutrality" any more than having laws on the books about doing those things on the street is an "attack on the neutrality" of the public.

    Start squirming now.

  17. Fogbuster

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    Try loading the deck in favor a little more, why don't you. Why not make it "If not unanimous, you have to leave." Talk about running scared now.

    This forum doesn't represent the general public for one big reason: everyone here is using the internet; most use it quite a LOT for expressing their personal opinions. Such a group is not about to give up their precious right to say whatever they want.

    If you pose my original question to the general public of the U.S., you know it passes by a voice vote; no need to even go to ballot.

  18. PressCoverage

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    yeah, i believe you and yours were telling us the exact same thing concerning the Patriot Act.... you know, the tired old "if you do nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear" line of reasoning... this is no different... using paranoia and unreasonable fear to enact sweeping change and tear up the Bill of Rights...

    start pontificating now.
  19. Fogbuster

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    You and that Berkeley dude 50 years ago, Mario Savio: "If I want to say f*ck you, get scr*wed, or anything else, it's my 'First Amendment Right' to say it." So went decency and good taste right down the toilet when the dumb judges bought that load of horse manure.

    Common sense and decency trumps your insistence on "Bill of Rights" wholesale misuse of freedom of speech (pornography, lies, character assassination, other false witness) any day, every day of the week. You'll be seeing more of this in the future.


  20. Fogbuster

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    Any way, bottom line: al qaeda is learning they have slapped the wrong dog.



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