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After the hangover, mea culpa...

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by GameDay, Jan 15, 2006.

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    Jan 11, 2006
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    This is written on behalf of a few Pats fans (still too drunk to type...)

    We jinxed the Pats.

    We did analysis of the game (just amateur betting) and picked Denver to win and cover, for all the wrong reasons:

    - We thought Denver O would get the better of Pats D, scoring ~17-24 points - Wrong
    - We expected Pats O to muster ~17-20 points. Wrong

    Being Pats fans, we conjured scenarios that the Pats might win. Instead of letting Denver and Pats have equal chance of TO’s, we rigged our simulation with 2 TO’s in the Pats’ favor (2 Plummer picks) that would have given the Pats 64% chance of scoring 3 or more points than Denver. (We though we were Nostradamus when Plummer threw first INT…)

    We might have angered the Finance gods and the Football gods for our egregious sin. (Thou shall not be bias in your analysis). 5 TO’s: what punishment!

    We apologize to the Pats defense for doubting them, who played a great game.
    We are not disappointed in Brady, AV, Faulk, or Brown. They have delivered so much for so long. If they had to get their stuffs out of the system, may as well flush them all out in one game and get over with.

    This team lost the game, but proved that they are still of championship caliber.
    And they still champions in our heart.

    To appease the Football gods for the next season, we decide to donate some of the winning proceeds (from the other game) to charity.

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