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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Amnorix, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Amnorix

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    So it's great that Seymour signed, no mistake, but Brady and Seymour's contracts BOTH expire after 2010. Aye carumba. :bricks:

    Here's hoping Belichick hasn't already penciled in 2010 as his retirement year... :eek:
  2. BelichickFan

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    LMAO, just enjoy the next 5 years. Believe it or not Brady will be 29 in August. Add 5 years and he'll be 34 heading into that last year. He should still be good but will be coming to the end. Sad to think about but we have 5 good years of the trifecta of Belichick, Brady, Seymour.
  3. bosfan

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    Thanks for making such an uplifting and positive post - we need these reminders that all is not well and there really is no happiness to be found in this miserable existence we all find ourselves in........ :singing:
  4. 14thDragon

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    Lets see between now and then, we have 5 drafts, 5 FA signing periods, 5 raises in the salary cap, 5 times for this team to under go more making over, 5 more times to lose good assitenents, perhaps a few more Lombardi's, 5 seasons with the extreem likely hood of new t-shirts.

    At this point, I say wait and see what happens between then and now. They are not going to wait until then and fire the entire roster.
  5. Amnorix

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    :D :D Actually, I'm very much a "glass half full" kind of guy, normally, but THOSE two contracts ending at hte same time did kind of grab my attention.

    But that said, I'll certainly sit back and enjoy the next 5 years...
  6. BelichickFan

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    It's worth noting but, again, Brady will be 35 heading into the next season so 5 years is pretty much our window.
  7. IcyPatriot

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    I posted last year, when Pee's was promoted to DC that the Patriots would go on a 4-5 year plan. It made much sense then as it makes much sense now. The chances were excellant that this coaching trio could stay together for @4 years, McDaniels being so young and Pees just doesn't seem the type to jump ship like Mangini did.

    So, figuring out who is staying and who is leaving should not be that difficult over the next year or so amongst the major players here. Even though he is signed I still don't see Matt Light being part of this run. I'm convinced Belichick is grabbing an OT in the 1st 3 rounds in a few weeks.

    Light, though a fine blocker at tackle has little to no use as a guard or RT as being a driving lineman has never been his forte...we shall see and this will be much fun. Especially since we have won 3 SB in this decade and we have 4 years to add to our total before 2010 and Belichick moves on to Nantucket.
  8. p8ryts

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    Just Get Me One More Super Bowl Before 2010!!!

    Thank goodness doom and gloom begins in 2010 and we can get over it for 2006.

    I just want that 4th Super Bowl for this Brady/Seymour/Pioli/Belichick team and I will be happy. (Unless we win the next SB then I will want a 5th).
  9. Amnorix

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    Exactly. The only one that matters it the next one. And then the 5th becomes important, because God forbid we spend 25 years talking about "one for the thumb" like those Steelers fans had been since '79.
  10. DB15

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    ahha that was great I love this guy ahhahaha
  11. MoLewisrocks

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    Tom would actually be 33 heading in to the 2010 season and 34 heading into a 2011 season. Won't be 35 until 2012. I imagine it is up to him, and I don't see him as a guy willing to hang on (for what, money?) beyond the time when he is on his game. Tom does have post football aspirations beyond fishing.

    Where BB is at in his tenure will likely enter his thinking too. I wouldn't see him remaining too far beyond BB, and it would probably depend on who replaces Bill. His deal is structured in a manner that would lead most to assume an extension in 2009 when he is only scheduled to make a little over $5M in salary and roster bonus (followed by just $3.5M in salary in 2010). From a purely financial standpoint, that likely ain't gonna fly even for someone with Tom's sensibilities. Probably another 3 years (with the commensurate SB $$ to cover keeping him in range of the top QB's from 2009-2011) taking him to age 36 retirement as a Patriot provided we've protected him well and he has personally retained that fire.

    He has hinted as much - hopes and at this stage expects to play a little longer than this deal - and he will NEVER play anywhere else. Tom is all about winning here, and his legacy with this team IMO. I think that if Tom felt he were slipping at 32 to the point where an extension wasn't in the cards, he'd just walk away a winner and not hit the road and chase the game elsewhere for a year or two of Montana-esque hanging on. They may be similar in some respects, but very different in their world view post career.
  12. spacecrime

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    We're doomed.


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