After draft, Pats now 4/1 odds to win Super Bowl

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by bostonia3333, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. bostonia3333

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  2. jmt57

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    Nice to see the Pats getting some love, but 2:1 to win the AFC and 4:1 to win the Super Bowl makes is not worthwhile to wager any money. Not much value in spending any money on the Pats with those numbers.


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    Draft was a B+ , Don't know how much the draft had to do with those odds,Its not like we had the first 5 round 1 draft picks signed,I would think it was about those odds BEFORE the draft.
  4. stinkypete

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    Depth. Very few teams ever immediately improve areas of weakness with the draft because few rookies accomplish jack as rookies.

    The Patriots got deeper at positions of strength in this draft. And yes, I considered both the secondary and the Oline areas of strength before this draft. Sure, there were questions, but they were and are especially now areas of strength.
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