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    Save Harry the energy to post this stuff, but it seems as though the newspapers are waking up to this quagmire... if you want a good read pick up Krakauer's book on Tillman, gives a good background on how we f..ed this whole thing up and how hopeless it really is..

    In the Krakauer book there is pretty good detail, and one interesting note is the Captain of the rangers ( a decorated Millitary Academy Grad) wanted to do one thing based on his knowledge from being on the ground.. but was overruled by the brass in Ft. Benning.. the result was the ensuing mess that killed Tillman.. these conflicts can never be won with this model in place, if we spend a lot of money training these men at the military academy and then training them afterwards, why can't we empower them to make a simple decision such as this??? Sounds like Viet Nam over and over again...

    Eight U.S. Troops Die in Attack on Afghan Outpost -

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    Hollywood, Obama Media, Kerry, Murtha etc etc, they don't care about wars or dead troops now , BUSH IS GONE.

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