AFC Least: I don't think so

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by RIP#40, Nov 27, 2006.

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    All the pre season pundits had either the Pats or Dolphins winning the "weakest division in football". Each would fatten up with 4 sure wins against the Bills and Jets. Eleven weeks into the season and only the AFC West has more wins as a division.

    AFC West - 25 wins
    AFC East - 24 wins
    AFC South - 23 wins
    AFC North - 22 wins
    NFC East - 22 wins
    NFC South -21 wins
    NFC North-20 wins, 21 if Green Bay wins tonight
    NFC West- 18 wins, 19 if Seattle wins tonight.

    I don't think any team wants to play an AFC East team down the stretch.
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    #50 Jersey

    Both of Da Bears losses were to the AFC East!

    We need the AFC East to continue to step it up.
    Buffalo wins over one or both of San Diego and Baltimore could help the Pats get a bye. Ravens have a tough schedule, Bungles, KC, Browns, Pitt and the Bills. Would like to see them lose two.
    Jets look to have a good schedule that could put them in the hunt for a playoff spot. Pack, Bills, Vikes, Phins and Raidahs, they could win out!
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    I agree,,funny how it's called the worst division and yet..2nd in wins..Hmmmm someone doesn't know what they are talking about..the west definitely is stronger..,with 3 teams possible for the playoffs..given how Oakland is so poor..the East is more spread pout with one poor overall is stronger.. I agree would LOVE to see Buffalo win some down the stretch...Hooping the Jax win will fire them up!!

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