AFC Beast: 2005 *was* an anomaly

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by ctpatsfan77, Dec 16, 2006.

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    #3 Jersey

    Last year, the teams in the AFC East combined for just 28 wins. If people b****ed about the "AFC Least," it was largely in comparison to the previous three years--in which they combined for 35-37 wins each season.

    Well, with three weeks to go, the AFC Beast has already equaled last year's total.

    If the JEST can find a solution at QB (maybe it's Noodlearm, maybe it ain't), and if MIA can get a QB who isn't MIA, I shudder to think what this division will look like two to three years from now, especially if BUF decides to find someone off the Belichick coaching tree. :eek:
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    Disable Jersey

    Good points about AFCE resurgance.

    Turmoil over Saban and possible sale of the team???
    Biggest problem - No playoff calibre QB; Gotta spend draft picks to get one
    2nd Biggest problem- few vets signed; maxed out on cap this year so cannot extend vets. Will lose FA vets; not a FA player in 2007; outlook is not good for improvement except thru the draft

    Mangini, the Traitor, is the real deal.
    Penny a.k.a. Noodle Arm, is OK to get to the playoffs and maybe even win a game. Not a SB guy. Go with the kid?
    Who's the RB of the future?

    #1 problem is the owner and the organization
    JP Loserman is not a playoff caliber QB
    Despite poor coaching, they always field a strong D & STs
    Great cap position; will be a playah in FA 2007

    Extremely well positioned via both draft (2 #1s and lots of picks) and cap (around 10th, over $20M) to refurbish the aging LB corps and add DBs
    Capable front office will refurbish the team and Brady will be well armed to persue another ring in Feb 2008
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    So, over the next 5 or so years
    when the Patriots seemingly would be at their very best
    ... so will the rest of the div be at their best.

    Should be fun.
    Think i'll stick around.

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