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AEY forces the Army to Review Arms Policy..

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by DarrylS, Apr 27, 2008.

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    Do you all remember AEY, the little company in Miami, that brokered 298 million dollars of US money to supply arms to the Afghan Army.. then they delivered a bunch of outdated Chinese stuff to them instead. Well as much as many did not think it was a big deal, the Army apparently does.. it wasn't really chinese ammo, it was albanian that was bought from the chinese 30 years ago..

    Looks like the owner Efraim Deveroli is in deep doo doo, there is a grand jury convened in Miami... and he declared himself at a minority disadvantaged contractor when he got loans from the SBA..


    MOSCOW — The United States Army has begun a broad review of procedures used to supply security forces in Afghanistan and Iraq with foreign arms, prompted by an allegation of fraud and questions about the competence of the main private supplier of ammunition to Afghanistan.

    The company, AEY Inc. of Miami Beach, was suspended last month after Army investigators accused it of shipping aged Chinese rifle cartridges and claiming they were Hungarian.

    The Army decided to review its contracting procedures as several arms-industry officials said that long before the suspension, it was clear the Army had erred by not recognizing risk factors in AEY’s history and activities, and by being lured by a very low bid.

    Problems with the contract, they said, were evident again early this year when AEY’s president was seen shopping for foreign munitions, including shoulder-fired rockets, at an American gun show. The money he was offering, the officials said, was too little to buy quality ammunition

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