Adopt-a-prospect: NT Quintin Echols

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    Wanted: Fat athletic man to occupy space in middle of line of scrimmage and not move.

    Applicant: Kansas State Defensive Tackle Quintin Echols

    Workout numbers: Age 22 Height Shade under 6'1" Weight 328 combine, 313 Pro Day 40 time 5.05 avg bench 25 He also ran the short shuttle in 4.78 and the three-cone drill in 7.95. In addition, he had a 31½-inch vertical jump and an 8-foot-8 broad jump.

    Though he lacks the height preferred at the position, KSUs Echols was a consistent tough assignment for offensive linemen. His quickness and natural leverage allowed him to make plays against even the best offensive linemen the Shrine Game had to offer.

    A 6-foot, 316-pounder who is both personable and gregarious, Echols was a key cog along K-State's defensive line for three seasons. He started six games this year, earning honorable-mention All-Big 12 honors after registering 31 tackles and forcing two fumbles.

    From footballs future: Quentin Echols, Kansas St – Up there with Bazuin to be the player of the game. He batted down a pass, fought through blocks, pursued like he was possessed, showed a strong grasp with a halting arm tackle, and generally controlled the line of scrimmage, all while carrying around a classic nose tackle physique. Echols went from an afterthought to a very draftable player this week.

    KSU bio


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