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  1. Remix 6

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    watching inside NFL..he seems like a great guy. This isnt another thread about comparsion..this has notihng to do how good he is on the field

    If u havent heard, a high school friend of Addai was paralyzed neck down in a rival HS game..hes been in a wheel chair and everything. Addai has been with his paralyzed friend,LaJuan Moore, a lot! Hes help financially to the Moore family and has brought LaJuan to some games to watch him play.

    Addai has been there for his friend who had an unfortunate accident in highschool and still hangs out with him, supports him, helps him in many ways. Great guy. Its a very nice story kind of like Bruschi helping that Andrew kid expect LaJuan is Joe's age and is a true friend.
  2. patsfan13

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    Saw that spot he looks to very impressive guy. Nice to see a guy like this as opposed to the Ron Mexico type of guys.
  3. Pat the Pats Fan

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    Addai looks to have been a good draft pick for the Colts. We all know they wanted Maronney, but Addai seems to have fit in nicely in their offensive scheme and on top of that he appears to be a good team player. With good character.
  4. TruthSeeker

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    Addai is very classy, will be a very good to great running back in the NFL. As I said several times before, he reminds me of a bigger Priest Holmes, definately has a nose for the end zone. That clip about him and his paralyzed friend brought a tear to my eye, very touching. Bruschi's clip with that kid also brought a tear to my eye, despite the T.O's and Vick's (both of them) of the world, most of the NFL players are very classy. Saw a clip about Donnie Edwards at X-Mas time, also tear inducing, a very classy guy, would love to see him as a Patriot.
  5. scooter481

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    actually, the colts never were interested in maroney. they weren't sure he is up to the physicality of the nfl.
  6. TruthSeeker

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    That's just too funny. And probably false, why did Manning tell Brady that the Pats stole the Colts running back in the draft ? Addai is a special person, and a special back, but he certainly has had it easier in Indy than Maroney does in NE. Teams throw 8 players in the box to stop our run, due to the fact that we (supposedly) have a poor passing game. Also, whenever Maroney is in, every team in the NFL knows he's in there to run it, so they can bring their safeties up. Addai usually face 6 in the box due to teams fear of the Colts passing game, and, the Colts just have a better O-line than the Pats. Not to take anything away from him, he'll be a great back, but to say the Colts never were interested in Maroney is hillarious, it wasn't a well kept secret about the Colts infatuation with Maroney.
  7. scooter481

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    if they were that interested than they would never have made any interest known. if they did make any known, it was a smokescreen. polian does this every year. just as everyone thought the colts were going to take ricky williams instead of e.j.
  8. ROLF...

    What a POS this scooter chump is.
  9. RyanTheColtsFan

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    All indications were the Colts wanted Maroney.

    It was a nice piece on Addai.
  10. TruthSeeker

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    Puhleeeaseee.....Maroney was rated by everybody as the sencod best RB in the draft. And that's where he was drafted. I know you're a Colts fan, but do some research. Also, watch how defenses play your beloved Colts, and how your offensive line holds on every play (and gets away with it 95% of the time), there have been some huge holes for Addai to gallop through. Add to that the fact that defenses always play the pass first against the Colts, and always play the Pats run first. Different offense, different backs, similar results. Addai is a fantastic back, and I'm very impressed that he has seemed to have gotten better every game, and worried that Maroney has seemed to go backwards, but I attribute that to Maroney's ripped cartillage in his rib area, and the Pats poor run blocking the last 2 weeks (though they did play a fantastic defense last week).
  11. kolbitr

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    Let's keep the focus on the Addai piece, and his character, rather than on the Maroney comparisons, no? Ability always comes first in the NFL, but quality people are a refreshing addition to the sports news, and are essential on winning teams.

    Addai is being a good man and a great friend. The Colts drafted a good guy. Kudos to him, and to them.
  12. Shanny also wanted Maroney as well...

    I don't know much about Addai, didn't he play for the Tigers?
  13. Remix 6

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    yes and many said Maroney will bethe best back in the class but i wish we used him a little better/more and blocked better for him :\
  14. spacecrime

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    Prior to the draft, I would have been very happy to get Addai in the second round (I thought we'd go LB in round 1).

    I was ecstatic when maroney was available. I would not have been happy to take Addai at 21.

    I think they are both good runners and will be part of a Pats-Colts rivalry for years to come unless one team or the other implodes or gets into cap hell.
  15. cstjohn17

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    I think Maroney has more upside, ability to play with power and speed but based on what I have seen at this point in their careers I like Addai more. He is faster, more decisive and hits the hole quicker. The both appear to have their heads on straight and we should be watching them compete for quite a while.

    Hopefully Maroney has a game like he had against Cinci tomorrow.
  16. F0nSY

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    He is a good RB,he's more decisive,faster than Maroney.I'm scare with him...

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