Adam Vinatieri....The good and the bad

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by MagicMarker, Mar 24, 2006.

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    I would have ponied the bucks to keep Adam. I saw a stat that said he was 32-33 in his career in the last minute of games...missing only against Kansas City in 1999. That is unreal! And, he's so good in domes, he'll probably miss only one or two next year.

    I don't expect anybody to match that.

    However, we COULD end up better in some areas.

    First, how often did Adam kick the ball to the endzone? I was happy if he got it down to the 2 or the 3. Sometimes, he didn't do that...and towards the end of the season, it was only reaching the 10 sometimes.

    Second, how often did we try field goals when we were at the 30 yard line or beyond. We usually went for it on 4th down, unless we had to.

    Adam was 80% in field goals in 2005. What is the league average? It's not much below that.

    In five years, we can look back and see what losing Adam really cost us. I'm betting it won't be too much. Ultimately, the only way it really costs us at all is if a missed kick causes us to miss the playoffs, or lose a playoff game.

    Somebody post a thread in 2010 on this.
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    Adam, who????????

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