A very odd Gostkowski fact

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  1. ctpatsfan77

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    This is how Gostkowski's kicks are recorded by the NFL:

    1-19: 0/0
    20-29: 10/11
    30-39: 7/10
    40-49: 2/4
    50+: 1/1

    But if you look at it from the standpoint of where the initial snap took place, a much different picture emerges:

    Snap inside the 10: 10/10
    Snap from 11-15: 4/6
    Snap from 16-20: 3/5
    Snap from 21-30: 0/0
    Snap from 31-35: 3/5

    Just seems really odd to me that not once did the Pats try to kick there.
  2. jbb9s

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    I'll tell you a scary fact (also broadcasted last weekend during TENN game): In college, Gostkowski made 1 "game winning kick". This year, obviously none.

    Lets just hope it doesn't come down to a kick for the next 4 games.
  3. ctpatsfan77

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    Vinatieri wasn't exactly noted for his clutch kicking in college (remember, AV was never drafted).

    Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
  4. lutontown_fc

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    Excellent thought.

    It doesn't take much for 'sky is falling brigade' to find something to shudder under their sheets about.

  5. IcyPatriot

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    Belichick has run the numbers and statistically, combined with their red zone effectiveness in getting TD's they score more points and maintain more ball possession by going for it on 4th down in that area.

    going for 4th down longer than that is foolish and going for 4th down shorter than that is also just as foolish due to field goal %. He has all the numbers to back it up.
  6. mtbykr

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    I feel confident in him taking a game winning kick. With that said however I would also feel better if it were a tie game when he kicked, so the worst case scenerio for us is OT:cool:
  7. jbb9s

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    My thoughts exactly. Just saying that I would feel better if AV was kicking this postseason and the Kraft fortune was a few million less than it currently is because of it.
  8. PatsFanSince74

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    Given the Patriots' Playoff history and the competitiveness of the AFC, it will. So either adjust your attitude or prepare for disappointment.
  9. DaBruinz

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    While Gostkowski only had "1 game winning kick" in college, how many chances did he actually have to make a game winning kick? If he only had 1 chance to make one, then you can't fault the guy for that.

    Even this year, how many "game winning kicks" was he given the chance to make? From what I could see, during the 4 years Gost was at Memphis, there was a TOTAL of 3 games that were decided by 3 points or less. 2 Last season and 1 during the 2002/2003 season. The one during the 2002 season was Gostkowski's 1st year there and the game was agaisnt Southern Florida. Do you know how many FG attempts he had in that game? NONE. So, its kind of hard to hold that against him isn't it?

    Its kind of hard to make a "Game winning kick" if you're never put in that situation.
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  10. patchick

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    Well put. I'd be a lot more worried if he had made a dozen game-winning kicks...but missed a dozen others.

    A very odd Patchick fact: I have never missed a single game-clinching field goal, or a walk-off homer opportunity. :snob:
  11. TomBrady'sGoat

    TomBrady'sGoat 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    The pats didn't have any interest in going for 3 from 40 yards out. With a good/great offense and a rookie kicker I can't say i disagreed. as for the 3/5 from 48+ i would assume all of those were at the end of halves. It might just be an odd coincidence that they didn't have any kicks at the end of a half between 38-47 yrds.
  12. mgcolby

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    Whats the problem? You can't find anything to ***** about lately so you dip into the old "Kraft is Cheap" well and double it up with the old and tired AV/Gostkowski situation?

    Pathetic! :rolleyes:
  13. Fanfrom1960

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    Yeah, but I saw you miss that three pointer that would have beat the Bulls in that seventh game a few years ago. :rolleyes:
  14. italia44

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    WOW....if there was ever a case of:

    "There are lies......Damn lies.....and....STATISTICS.

    This post gets the award.
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  15. zarakotas5

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    Kicker is one of the more cerebral positions. Not that they are more intelligent by proxy, or that more intelligence is needed, but that they spend the most amount of time thinking. At best, of 60 minutes of gametime 1 minute is played by the kicker.

    A rookie kicker deals with the pressure of expecting to make the kick as well as the awe of NFL life. New stadiums, media, coaches, professionalism, etc. It is now a business, cut-throat, rather than BMOC fun times with the guys and girls. The coddling that QBs get should also be extended to the K for the same intent but different reasons.

    After watching this kid in college (admittedly limited, but impressed when available) and seeing him in pre-draft work-outs and skills competitions, he was the first kicker that I ever actually paid attention to, besides maybe Jason Elam coming out of Hawaii. His leg was incredible and his demeanor was non-plussed. He blew everyone else out of the water, including Huston, who had been touted as the next big thing since high school.

    That said, I have yet to see that in the NFL. He appears capable, tentative, but still smart. He was in the top half of kickers overall, great for rookie. He will get better. In a couple years, he will relax, see it as a job rather than an interview, and kick field goals better than AV did. Of course, AV had the ****iness that allowed him to boot some big ones and the Gost doesn't appear to have that now. AV looked like what bullies picked on one time, too.

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