A Starter on Offense and a Starter on Defense you are a bit 'Leery' of

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    Name a starter on the roster on offense and a starter on defense that makes you say,"Hmmmm,I am not so crazy about this guy,I wonder if he will produce"

    I will say on Offense its Ochocinco...I wonder if he will ever pick up this offense to become a factor or if his time has simply come and gone.

    I will say on Defense its Sergio Brown...This guy as a starter has been the biggest shocker for me and I am not sure he is starter quality as a safety.
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  2. livinginthe past

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    I really wonder what this forum is going to be like if we should actually lose a game.

    I'm pretty sure that we've covered the Ocho Cinco "Will he ever get it?" topic to death - yet here it is again - rehashed.

    And the latest staple "Sergio Brown - WTF is Belichick thinking?"


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    Dear Professor:

    If you know how to read it says ANY PLAYER YOU ARE LEERY OF...and I gave my selections,The thread is not devoted to 2 players :rolleyes:

    I happen to be leery of Ochocinco...It is not a thread about Ochocinco but is my selection on offense

    Think before you type...it makes life easier :rolleyes:
  4. Patriot_in_NY

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    They all suck....... Offense, defense, Special teams.... We pretty much suck in all phases of the game. Worst team BB ever fielded. Probably because he is the worst drafter that was ever born. I bet he smells bad too.

    In fact, this team that we haven't seen take the field yet sucks so bad that we need to start 3-4 more threads to highlight just how much they suck. :rolleyes:

    WFT....... We are all fans, right. How bout we watch a snap or two on Offense Defense before we start spewing which players are gonna suck the most for us this year.
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  5. JackBauer

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    Sergio Brown is a starter on defense?
  6. livinginthe past

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    i thinK Ocho StinKo (i call him that cos he stinks hahahahahaha!) is terrible and slow he can't evern stretch the defenz.

    Y cant we get Randy Mosss?

    He wuz awsum in 2007.

    Also Haynesworthless (i call him tat becos he is worthless ahahahahaha) is too fat and lazy - i'm really worried that belichick is lettinmg his ego get in the way.
  7. signbabybrady

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    First off are we sure Sergio is going to be the starter?

    I think there are 3 names to choose from on offense. Chad, Waters, and Branch.
    I am leery of Branch for health reasons. I am leery of Waters due to the window he has been here for and age. I am leery of Chad because well we really havent seen anything to get excited over.

    In the end Branch is the man and Brady's boy so I dont choose him. I feel Chad will get it (just a hunch) so I dont choose hiim. Leaving me with Waters who I actually feel will be pretty good as he has a taste of the system from Charlie and is a potential HOFer. So I guess I am not really leery of anyone. I feel we have a real solid offense with almost 0 holes. Now certainly some positions could be better but I am not leery of them being aweful and not worthy of starting.

    The Defensive side of the ball is another story. You could be leery of a lot. Is Big Al going to try? (I say Yes). Who Starts at safety oposite Chung? (This might be my spot of leeryness). Is Chung good enough to carry the safety position? (I say Yes). 3rd corner? I say third corner because I think Bodden will start but also play nickel (I say Arrington and I like Arrington). Will Cuningham take a leap or regress? (this was close to my top Leery spot). What do guys like Carter, Ellis, and Wright have left? (I think this is not a big concern so long as Al works out if he doesnt we need two of the 3 to be key contributors).

    I think in the end I am most leery of the second safety however I think Big Al trying or not/still being dominant will be the difference in this D being pretty good like last year and potentially being great. I feel he will be fine so I went with safety but even with safety being a problem this D could be great but I am not sure it can get there if big Al is not.


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    Who said anything about sucking?

    Its about who you are a little wonderous of as a starter on this years team and are not sure of before the games start?

    Is today..."I am a dense Patriots fan" day who cant understand the thread? or is it that 'time of the month' for many in here? :confused:
  9. Sicilian

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    That was my reaction too. I wouldn't be surprised to see either him or Barrett "start" the game, but I'm willing to bet both finish somewhere between 60 and 70% of the snaps.

    As for my choices:

    Offense - Brian Waters. I think he could be a really solid addition, but with very little time to get acclimated I won't be comfortable until I see how he plays.

    Defense - Gotta be the safeties. As noted above, I can't say who the "starter" is, but the combination of players next to Chung is the biggest individual question mark on the defense. All other question marks are related to units (how will the new linemen gel, who's playing where in what formations at LB, etc)
  10. Funktopus

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    Brady. This is the year that BB wises up and realizes that the Tom Brady experiment just hasn't worked. Fans are tired of seeing this team languish at the top of the standings.


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    From what I read I thought Brown was starting unless a vet was going to be brought in,It might be Barrett but I think Brown will get the start,at least in this game and if he does well,maybe the majority of the season.

    And thanks for being the only one,so far who understands the thread instead of ranting about something else
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  12. Patriot_in_NY

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    My point is do we really need another thread to discuss who we're "leery" off. No, one of the other 8000 thread covers it.

    How bout this....... I'm leery of everyone, cuz I'm never seen them all play together as a unit. I wonder if they are gonna be good enough to win a super bowl. At the same time, I'm excited about this team for the same reason.

    Please remind me to make this post next September too as it holds true for every new season.


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    If you don't like the concept of the thread,don't answer it and act like a jerk or the forum police.....simple as that.

    This isn't an ad nauseum Randy Moss thread,at least
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  14. Patriot_in_NY

    Patriot_in_NY Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    Forum Police? really..... I just said that these threads are tiresome. I stated my opinion..... Don't take it personally. Your still a quality poster, I'm just getting tired of the negativity. This thread is surely not as negative as others. But it's entire premise is to try to highlight who is going to disappoint us. It's based on negativity.
  15. Timbo717

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    On offense I think the first ones that jump to mind are obviously the newer guys Ocho and Waters but both are vets and smart ones at that, and I think both will be more than adequate over the course of the season. I wouldn't say "leery" about the RB position because I think as a whole it will be fine...but I am interested to see how the workload shakes out between BJGE, Vereen, Ridley and Woodhead.

    Offense as a whole I'm pretty good on, though if I had to pick one guy I think it would be Waters. And not because I doubt his ability because as I said I think he will do fine, but just because if he does terrible then there is a potential for disaster in someone nailing Brady the wrong way. If Ocho, Vereen, Ridley, Branch, etc don't shake out than there will be someone else on the field that can do the job of catching or running with the football and it won't put our franchise QB at risk (unless a RB misses a blitz pick-up).

    On defense I'll go with the popular answer of the safety position other than Chung. But Haynesworth does worry me a little bit and if the work ethic will be there long term.
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  16. signbabybrady

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    I was Thinking Sergio myself but not sure it based on anything of substance other than I liked him last year. I guess I thought he looked good in camp and the preseason games (which is substance). Problem is I wasn't neccessarily comparing the two to eachother 2 weeks ago as it relates to starting so it is a young debate.

    I could really see either being the starter.

    Sergio performed for us last year and was there all camp one would think he showed enough to make BB feel comfortable moving on from Merriweather.

    Barrett on the other hand was accuired in a way that would make you think. Taking up a roster spot for a point of time despite knowing he would be on IR. Then when we did see him game four of the preseason he looked good.
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    I think you are getting the premise the wrong way

    It has absolutely NOTHING to do with who you think is going to dissapoint you, but a player who you are not so sure is going to fit well on the team,that does not mean dissapoint it means a player you have no idea will contribute or not.

    EVERY team in the NFL has at LEAST one player EVERY year who dissapoints his fans,the thread is not about dissapointment,its about uncertainty of whether they will produce.

    The thread title does not say which player will dissapoint you...there is a difference.
  18. Jared

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    1) I agree with complaints about the forum police.

    2) Offense: my concern is everyone at WR other than Branch and Welker. Those two are known commodities when healthy. But what will we get from Chad? Will Price make a step forward? Where did Julian disappear to?

    3) Defense: The defensive line as a whole. These guys have been inconsistent in the preseason. Will they collectively get their game together? Can they be counted on for an entire season? There are a lot of guys there who have had up and down careers, and frankly I don't think we know exactly what we have in any of them except for Vince.
  19. Deus Irae

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    Waters at right guard with little practice

    The starting safety next to Chung

  20. patchick

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    For me, it's all about Brian Waters.

    While the safety position is obviously in flux, we at least know that the coaches took a good look at Chung, Brown, Barrett, Dowling, Sanders and Meriweather, and decided the first four were the ones they wanted. At RG, though, they have to cross their fingers that Waters can pick up not just the offense but the mirror-reversal to RG after a whole career on the left side -- in a hurry.

    Alternately, Dan Connolly starts. And I think there's pretty broad agreement at this point that Connolly is an outstanding, versatile backup but a pretty weak starter.
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