A punter makes it over Maroney for Rook of the Week nominee

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    Mike Bell, Denver RB
    Carried 10 times for 58 yards, including a one-yard, second-quarter touchdown run in the Broncos’ 18-10 loss to the St. Louis Rams. Bell, whose longest run of the day was 36 yards, also caught four passes for 30 yards and returned two kickoffs for 40 yards, accounting for 128 all-purpose yards in his NFL debut

    Reggie Bush, New Orleans RB
    Ran for 61 yards on 14 carries and caught eight passes for 58 yards in the Saints’ 19-14 victory over the Cleveland Browns. Bush, who added three punt returns for 22 yards, recorded 141 all-purpose yards in his NFL debut

    Cortland Finnegan, Tennessee DB
    Recorded five tackles, one sack and one forced fumble in the Titans’ 23-16 loss to the New York Jets. Finnegan’s fourth-quarter sack caused a fumble which was recovered by the Titans and led to their game-tying touchdown to make it 16-16 with just less six minutes left in the game

    Ryan Plackemeier, Seattle P
    Punted five times for an average of 52.6 yards per punt in the Seahawks’ 9-6 victory over the Detroit Lions. In a game of field position, Plackemeier placed two punts inside the Lions’ 20 and had a long punt of 63 yards.

    DeMeco Ryans, Houston LB
    Led the Texans with 12 tackles in Houston’s 24-10 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Ryan was also credited with an assisted tackle, giving him a total of 13, five more than the nearest Texans defender.

    Now Maroney:
    17 rushes for 86 yards, 3 kick returns for 59 yards, for 145 all purpose yards.

    More then Bell and Bush. I'm not saying he should have won but he should at least have been on the ballot.
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  2. D-cleater

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    Does anyone else feel a growing "no respect" factor around the club? That's how this team peforms best and ****e like this contributes to it. Good. Don't recognize the players on this team, thats how we like it
  3. Bella*chick

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    How can he not even be on the ballot? That's asinine.:mad:
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  4. PonyExpress

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    This is the first year "all purpose" has included return yardage when describing a runningback's production. It's freaking ridiculous and needs to stop immediately. All purpose for running backs is rushing plus receiving, all purpose for a returner is KO returns + punt returns, and never the twain shall meet. Was Billy White Shoes Johnson the combined yards leader over Earl Freakin' Campbell? Stop the ESPN/NFL madness. Another theory: this the new "Reggie Bush" stat the league has invented to promote its new star with inflated numbers. Sickening. Are we lemmings that the integrity of the record book should be pillaged by this corporate monster? Don't buy into this new Frankenstein stat.
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  5. PatsRI

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    2 words Fantasy Football, and I am a commish in a league but it has changed football and not always for the better.
  6. Box_O_Rocks

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    Seattle, the little darlings, needed all the field position help they could muster to handle those scrappy wittle wions. I'd vote for the punter too, if only to ignore Bush-mania.
  7. RayClay

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    The guy had a pretty damn good day for a punter, though.:)

    Maroney willhave plenty of accolades.
  8. sieglo

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  9. FSUPatsFan

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    Chris Berman was the only one I saw even mention Maroney. I watched highlights all day, hoping to see his 2 first runs since I wasn't able to watch the game. It wasn't until Late at night I think on "NFL Primetime" where they actually showed his first run. Of course I missed the first part of it because I was in the other room and heard the TV and quickly had to run to it, but the second half of the run was nice.

    I understand Bush getting a lot of attention. He was the heisman winner and had a fantastic college career. And, he's in a city that desperatly needs a superstar right now. But, it seems that the Pats only get attention when Tom Brady plays well or they win big. I heard nothing about Maroney. I heard nothing about how Corey Dillon ran the ball well. I guess I'll have to wait until the Denver game to get coverage of the Pats. Or maybe the Colts game.
  10. PatsDeb

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    Of course Maroney should have been on the list. Hopefully the snub will cause him to turn it up against the Jests.
  11. Box_O_Rocks

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    Do you have NFL Network? Buf @ NE tomorrow at 8 p.m. with replays through Thursday.
  12. PatsSox363804

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    I don't like it either but the 22 return yards Bush had hardly inflate his stats, in fact he looked pretty bad on punt returns if I say so myself, he just tried to do too much on them. He looked great receiving/rushing though.

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