A Preview of BB's News Conference

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    Q Coach, how do you assess all the excitement and hype about the Patriots' prospects this year?

    BB Look, we haven't beaten anyone. Lots of mistakes out there this morning, lots of work to do. Don't listen to the pundits. They can't win for us.

    Q What about Asante? Any News?

    BB That's what the money men get paid to deal with. I'm just the coach.
    My only concern today is with the guys who showed up today.

    Q Coach, would you care to make a statement about the Michael Vick situation?

    BB Is he on the Patriot roster? Next question.

    Q What can you tell us about # 81? How' his attitude?

    BB 81? (Looks at his notebook) Oh yeah, Moss. Moss' attitude has been great. We're goiing to give that young man every opportunity to make our team.

    Q What about the injuries to Jackson? Why is Kareem suspended? Why isn't Stallworth here? And Meriweather?

    BB (Looks at his watch) Fellas, sorry if I've taken too much of your time. I hope I haven't been too candid. I know you've got work to. It's been fun. Bye.
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    I know you're lying, because there's no:

    It is what it is

    We're just coaching the players that are here

    You'd have to ask (player's name) about that
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    Not bad. You were pretty close. I was amazed that he actually mentioned Asante's name if only to say there was no news and I enjoyed the beat down of Tomase (I feel sorry for Tomase. BB hates him.)
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    My favorite Belichick "canned answer" is for EVERY opponent they've ever faced (including the '04 49ers), they "excel in all three phases of the game".
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