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Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. SVN

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    our strengths and conditioning coach..watching the nfl replay of the chargers game ..couldnt help notice the chargers on defense especially going in out , merriman/phillips , cramps etc
    even seymour said their defense was kinda winded out during the last drive...sure we have our share of injuries but come playoff time our injury list seems more shorter and players are available..its a credit to the strength and conditioning coaches and also to BB who bite the bullet to not play players early in the season if they are not a 100 %.
    i have a feeling that of bob sanders who played the pats game had missed it ..we probably would won but maybe he wouldnt have missed the rest of the games in season and wouldve been available consistently down the stretch..just a guess..
  2. buile

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    > our strengths and conditioning coach

    Yeah, I think this, too. Our defense comes on pretty strong as the game goes on, and I have to think in part it's due to their conditioning.
  3. pats1

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    Mike Woicik and Harold Nash send their regards. ;)
  4. mgteich

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    Our injury list is shorter because we are among the leaders in putting players on the IR list. Harrison would be there too, if we had any need for the 53rd spot.

    No, I don't celebrate a unit that can't keep defensive backs on the field for three years running.
  5. SVN

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    how can the 'unit' help on sprained mcl or torn acl last yr for harrison. hamstring pull for wilson, torn achilles for mel mitchell . (cross fingers) i havent seen our players ever winded out sucking oxygen or having cramps pulled up in a game
  6. marty

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    I agree SVN. Seeing Merriman sucking oxygen a couple of times during that game and also remembering the Eagles SB game, it seems as tho we have a bit of an edge with our conditioning in these big games. I also think that BB manages the players well and keeps them from blowing too early. There was a report on one of the talk shows (Felger I think) today about how BB, upon being notified that the game was being delayed, kept the guys from going out onto the field too early. Meanwhile the Chargers were going through some rather lengthy intro's individually complete with dances etc. One wonders if this didn't play a part in them being a little winded when it counted.

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