A Moment for Troy

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Patriotic, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. Patriotic

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    God willing, Troy catches #535 against the Colts to break Stanley Morgan's pass catching record for the Pats. Can and should the Pats stop the game? The home crowd would be pumped and Troy is certainly deserving. And if Polian goes nuts all the better.

    I'm sure there is an NFL rule on these sorts of things but it'll be a special moment for a memorable player of a great team. Thoughts?
  2. DB15

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    dont get me wrong I think its going to be an amazing moment and cant wait for troy to break it but I think they would only really stop a game if it was a leauge wide record being broken?

    am I wrong? ither way I would like to see it happen but I really dont know
  3. njpatsfan

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    And stop the momentum of the O ? Especially when it's an 80% chance of being a reception for a 1st down.

    No way BB does that.

  4. FSUPatsFan

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    I don't think they will stop the game, but it won't because BB won't allow it. He has too much respect for the history of football as well as Troy Brown. I don't really believe that the momentum of the O would stop. I kind of believe that the O's momentum is only as good as the play called and how it matches up against the defense.
  5. kurtinelson

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    Unlike baseball, I don't think they stop play for such things in football. I'm sure NBC will have pleny of graphics, film clips etc. knowing that Troy is on the precipice of such a grand achievement. I'd love that catch to be a TD.

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