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Discussion in 'Visiting Locker Room' started by sharons_pats, Dec 27, 2007.

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  1. sharons_pats

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    I have seen many articles this week discussing the "Tuna's school of thought" in regards to building a football team. Interestingly enough, most agree is centers around getting your QB to build, getting a solid defensive line, and then filling in the holes with role players, draft picks at a discounted price.

    1. Where will Bill get his QB from? IMO Beck is not the man. An interesting thought is Derek Anderson via the Browns. He has looked very good at times and has some potential. With Miami's draft position, there isn't many options for a QB. Does Miami really want to wait for a draft pick to develop? Not many options for a starting QB out there.

    2. This defense is old and tired. It is the worst in stopping the run in the league. Glenn Dorsey would be a huge help here, but they also must have a productive overall draft for the D. Tuna usually has a good nose for defensive players. One player will not cut it.

    3. I can go either way as to who would want to go to Miami as a FA. On the one hand, you are under the Tuna. On the other, it is Miami 1-15 or 2-14. That is ugly no matter who you are.

    4. Who will coach this team? IMO CC is gone, a Tuna guy will take his place. Many rumors are out there about RAC, but the Browns would have to give him up. No matter what, I think it is a defensive coach as that is the Tuna method.

    I am not a Miami or Tuna fan in the slightest, but I think his method works. Dallas is a young scary team built by the Tuna. IMO, Miami will be similar in 3-4 years.
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    Good post, and I echo your thoughts about the time period required. Some comments:

    If I read Parcells correctly, he will not force an acquisition of a QB by sacrificing the ability to build depth at other positions. The first order of business is to build a quality line on both sides of the ball. Remember, Hostetler was drafted in the 3rd round by the Giants. I see Parcells and whoever the GM is taking this type of approach where they do something creative with draft picks and value free agents to build up the O Line. Once they've got this in place and have their QB of the future, the positions grow with one another for the overall improvement.

    Agreed, and if they keep their first pick, it is likely Dorsey they'd take. Houston's choice of Williams over Bush and Young is now starting to pay dividends. If Parcells feels Dorsey can be the anchor to the D Line, my guess is that he'll take him. If he feels he can swing a trade for more players, he may go that route as well, as I agree with your statement that one player will not cut it. I look for a trade down to get D Line, O Line, and secondary players for depth, as defense is likely to be a priority.

    Right, and it is likely that the 'Phins focus is on value FAs, as they don't need to break the bank with high-priced players in the first four seasons. They need decent veterans who can provided depth in order to fill in with rookies around them. I look for moves similar to what the Patriots did in 2000 and 2001.

    I agree with the defensive preference. Would Al Groh be a candidate? I think the most important decision and one that will come before the HC is the GM. Parcells stated that his GM and HC will run player personnel and the team respectively. I expect to see a GM in place once the candidate is available at his team's season's end. The GM will have a lot of input on the HC.

    Agreed. Patience and a very deliberate style of adding quality and depth make this work. He's got to get the right people around him in order for this to work. I think his biggest challenge is going to be his ability to delegate and allow the GM to control the team. If Parcells can't do that, other teams who receive requests from the Dolphins to interview people for GM will challenge the request by questioning whether the GM position actually has sole authority and final say in team decisions. It's going to be up to Parcells to show he can run his team in this way.
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