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  1. Clonamery

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    'Yll gonna?'

    I may be a mental midget but even I can't find 'Yll gonna' in any of my 'New Silent Generation' grammar books. It may be some regional expression used by Floridians that have just emerged from a tidal pool pehaps.....
  2. PatsRI

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    Ok, the biggest highlight is 19frikin72 and the rest of the video is an 80s Miami Vice nightmare. Good to see you in the the present reality.
  3. Brownfan80

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  4. NE39

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    That was outrageously funny. Thanks.

    You weren't serious, were you?
  5. Clonamery

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  6. aabtec

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    it only goes to show that not everyone has rhythm.....
  7. ChockBlkr

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    The Dolphins front office should be commended for their apparent "don't ask, don't tell" policy. Very progressive.
  8. shmessy

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    #75 Jersey

  9. ATippett56

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    Aside from the Hooter's chick, simply pathetic!

    Can't touch us? I guess when you're in the cellar nobody would want to touch you!
  10. F0nSY

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    Dolphins sucks.Am I alone?:D :D
  11. jimmyjames

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    Nice Zubaz. Hillbilly.
  12. D-cleater

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    hahahahahahh . That was the funniest thing I've seen in a while . thanks bro

  13. yes we suck... but our RB,QB,WR,TE,DLINE DONT.

    So in other words our o-line and secondary and donnie spragan suck.

    pepper wasnt playing with confidence , i did like what i saw in houston, hes gaining confidence.

    maybe he'll break hell loose vs the patsies.

    Lol by the way, were gonna win, god i love beating the pats and seeing bellisheck dumb face lmao.
  14. Brownfan80

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    Houston has the basement bottom worst pass defense in the league, and your QB could only 'gain confidence' against them, not beat them. And you expect to beat the Pats? Reality check: Sunday.

  15. Well at least we can afford to make a medium quality video, im pretty sure Mr.Kraft budget cant afford to make a 20 sec video.

    I mean come on Kraft is the cheapest owner in the NFL and y'll know it.
  16. hmmm , i never said he was 100 percent , i said hes gaining confidence in the way he was passing.
  17. Clonamery

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    Yeah, you're right, those are 3 very cheap SB rings he got the players. And that privately-funded stadium is pretty piss poor too.
  18. zippo59

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    And in 2004 they had the highest payroll in the league. Yeah what a cheap skate.
  19. Aqua4Ever04

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