A good word for Ron Borges

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    Ron Borges has his permanent dislikes and objections to all things Belichick. But no man is always wrong, 100% of the time.

    Peter King's MMQB column in CNN/SI revealed that Pro Football Hall of Fame elector Ron Borges wrote an email to Peter King, another of the select and exclusive fraternity of thirty nine electors, pushing for the election of Andre Tippett. King has revealed that he too thinks that Andre is due consideration. I hope he did so as well for all the other electors.

    Andre Tippett played in the Lawrence Taylor era and was always relegated to obscurity playing for the lowly Patriots while the Giants commanded success, Lombardi Trophies, and adoration in the media capital of NYC. Andre got his stats as a SOLB, facing both a DE and also a TE, not at the pass rushing RDE/WOLB that Taylor played. Yet his stats were comparable. In addition, he was an upstanding gentleman and role model, unlike the drunken dope-head lout that was LT in his private life.

    Thank You, Ron.:) :)
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    That's great news AZ. Thanks for posting.
    A begrudging thanks to Borges, too. I guess,

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