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    Just a few randoms things that are passing through my mind while I have some semblence of lucidity:

    * Man the Jags are a whiny bunch of pansies. For a team that has a well earned reputation of being a tough team, they b!tch more than the Colts. Newsflash guys, you were dominated on both lines of scrimage and lost that game handily. I will admit that the final call could have gone either way (particularly with the quality of refing these days) but that did not decide the game. Not only that, but when playoff time comes, you have no one but yourselves and your 2-5 away record to blame. Or your two losses to Houston.

    * That said, I couldn't believe that they complained at all about the RTP call on NE's first TD drive. The defender leaped high in the air in an effort to bat down a pass, landed, took two more steps and then gave Brady a forearm shove that was clearly not due to lack of balance. Sure Brady wasn't hurt on the play, but that is the definition of "unnecessary roughness". By comparison, Seymour and TBC comverged on Garrard before he even completed his throwing motion and that was RTP? Not only that, but the Brady one happened after a first down pass and NE was already in the RZ. Jax's reversed essentially a game ended int. You tell me who had the bigger beef.

    * NE played a very good game, but the Jags let 'em off the hook a little. Where were the blitzes with press coverage? Don't these guys even watch the other games?

    * I was very impressed with the job Mike Wright did. I was watching some of the rewind on the NFLN yesterday and he won his battle on almost every single play.

    * I really hope that the Jets come to NE in two weeks. It amazes me that anyone would be wary of playing that team. The Jets will win if NE plays another game like last time (which was their worst game since the Buffalo opener in 2003), but I can't see that happening. I know I got burned on this before, but I am not afraid of laying my chips on the table again.

    * I will admit that the prospect of playing Denver scares me enough that I would strongly consider playing everyone against TN this week, but the need to rest some guys wins out.

    * Did I notice a Bam Chidress sighting? He actually made a tremendous catch taking a ball off the turf with his fingertips for a first down.

    * NE's inconsistency still worries me a little, but I do think that their best game would be better than any other team's best......by a good margin.

    * Dave Thomas played a tremendous game this past week. Impeccable hands, good seperation and fine RAC ability. Plus I saw some terrific blocking (although I will admit I didn't key on him on every play - If someone has all the data on his blocking please post). He really has all the tools to be a top tier TE in this league.

    * One of the funniest plays that I saw this weekend was in the NY/Mia game. The Jest ran this complicated formation that included two WRs going in motion from left to right, setting, then a third receiver motioned from right to left, spun around, motioned back to the right......

    And it was a simple rush up the middle that all three interior lineman were pushed back a yard and the runner was stopped immediately. Funny stuff.

    * BTW, did anyone notice the complete about face that happened when Pennington threw his only decent pass of the game, the TD in the 4th? Up until that moment, the announcers were talking about how Chad lacked the arm strength to play the position effectively (correctly so), but from that moment on, it was all about how great his decision making is. Even though a Miami defender had just let a horribly underthrown int slip right through his hands just two plays before. Even the long PI call that led to NY's first FG was due to a horribly underthrown pass. Had the defender not been so concerned about catching the man that had toasted him, he would have seen that the easiest int of his life was on its way.

    NE played awful on the DL and played too far off the WRs the last time. If the DL play improves (and they haven't played nearly that bad since - except maybe the post-Wilfork part of the Miami game) and they play up on the WR more, I can't see how the Jets score more than 13 points in a rematch.

    I think that is it. We are in for a treat this week. Since it doesn't really matter who wins this game, we can go into a game being able to appreciate the opposition a little more. Vince Young is the real deal. I'm not sure how good of a passer that he is, but he is already, IMO the best rushing QB in the game. Vick is explosive and quick, but VY is more cerebral in how he runs. He instictively knows the best angles to go and it makes it seem as if he is just gliding though a defense. I thought that the faster and smarter NFL defenses would take that away from him, but that haven't so far. I will be shocked if he doesn't have at least one jaw dropping run on Sunday.

    I hope all is well with everyone this holiday week.
  2. Alk

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    I totally agree with this one. I haven't watched Young play since Texas won the National Championship. I'm very excited for this game.
  3. Brownfan80

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    It's to the point that I wonder if EVERY losing team in the NFL has such sour grapes each week, or if each team saves it just for when they play against the Patriots. It's very strange that so many teams through the years have come away feeling 'cheated' after playing the Patriots. It's silly, really, and it makes me want to smack some *****es. lol.

    Oh, btw, when I saw this post I thought to myself: Well, it's after Christmas, but I'll take an Oswlek post as a late gift.

    I thought the call against Seymour was marginal, but I thought the care they showed for Brady (yes, his was a textbook 'late hit', but soft enough to be TickyTacky) meant they had to call those marginal ones both ways all day long. I didn't begrudge the call though I fumed at the blown INT.

    I was very impressed with Wright, as I have been all season long. He's continually stepped in and exceeded expectation.

    The Jets are an interesting team. I wouldn't be 'wary' to play them in the Playoffs, but it'd be a game I was on the edge of my seat for. Mangini knows us well enough that the game could go either way (as both matchups this season seem to show).

    Denver hasn't looked great down the stretch, but even still they'd probably look like world beaters against the Patriots. No thanks.

    Indeed, and it was a great catch. I think he had one other catch in the game, though I might have been dreaming.

    Agreed, it's just frustrating that those 'best games' don't seem to show up as often as we got used to in 2003/2004. lol

    He's certainly making this offseason very interesting.. Graham or no Graham? Thomas might make me not care as much. I'd still like to see Graham back, but now I won't fret if he jets for the Money.

    My holiday, for one, was great. I hope yours was as well. Cheers!
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    Whiney Jags . . . other than being very talented, that's what the Patriots still have in their favor, they're mentally tougher, still, than most teams out there. Brady and Harrison see to that on each side of the ball.

    Agree on the jesters. We likely won't get them but I'd love to get Mangina and his crew back on our home field. I still remember them storming the field after they were the other team on the field as we beat ourselves and I bet the Patriots do too. Payback's a b!tch - unfortunately a b!tch that's probably unattainable this year.

    Thomas is immensely interesting. I'll be curious to see him next year after an offseason in the weight room. He was said to be too small but his Ht/Wt coming out was listed the same as Graham and Watson were. Maybe he has less size potential based on his build ? I don't know. But I see no reason he can't be a fully functional TE whereas some draft previews had him more of an H Back type. He's a keeper.
  5. Oswlek

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    My Christmas was great. Not much compares with the joy of kids when they are opening their gifts. I am glad to hear that yours was as well.
  6. Kasmir

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    Great post.

    Much if not most of the time on first down the Patriots lined up in a double wing shotgun formation with either 4 WR or 3 WR and a TE or RB. The outside receivers were off the LOS on both wings. That's a tough formation to press, and a dangerous one to blitz.

    I don't recall seeing it much at all earlier in the year, and it looks like it was installed specifically to get the short passing game going no matter what. It's very difficult to stop, and most defenses would do what Jax did and try and contain and wait for a mistake.

    Brady may have been a little inaccurate during this game, but his reads were great, and there was usually a receiver open short, which doesn't require much accuracy. It's also interesting that Brady ran so much, which helped hold the LB's inside.

    All in all, a daring and well executed game plan for the opponent.
  7. Oswlek

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    Thank you for your explanation. Could you elaborate a little on why it is hard to press and dangerous to blitz? Please go into as much detail as you can so I can learn as much as possible.

    Thanks for you insight.
  8. BelichickFan

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    Regarding the lack of blitzing, that's how Jax plays. In fact heading into the game that was one of the "concerns" - that we struggle against teams that can get decent (or better) pressure with just 4 DL leaving 7 to cover our shoddy receiving corps.
  9. Oswlek

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    Since the Denver game, it has been only blitzing that has produced great pressure. Miami can do it, but they had their best success on blitzes; the Jets only got near Brady in either game on blitzes; Indy really didn't get much pressure at all nor did the Jags. The only exception was Detroit. They generated a decent pass rush without blitzing, but that game appears to be an anomoly.

    No matter what Jax normally does, I left that game thinking that they played it wrong. Kasmir's post sheds a different light on it, though.
  10. PatsFan37

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    Owslek, I'm going to guess at what Kasmir means and hope he also replies to let us know. With the WRs off the LOS, they're hard to press, since they have a running start and open field to elude a CB, if the CB fails to make contact. The WR could blow past and get deep quickly.

    The empty backfield is dangerous to blitz because coverage is thin on that many WRs and someone will likely be open right away.

    The disadvantage is you've given up any pretense of run vs. pass and you're counting, as Kasmir said, on consistently making completions. The risk of an interception or a couple drops in a row and a 3rd and 10, go up.

    That's one novice's interpretation. But I'd like to hear what more knowledgeable folks have to say.
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    For me it was the joy of watching the Fiance open all of hers. That is, until I got the guitar amp I'd been drooling over. :D

    Good points, and that is surely why the flag was thrown. I did think that the Seymour call could go either way, as it was probably a bit late. But after reading this I agree that the one on Brady, though 'soft' was the completely correct call.

    Maroney got the 12th man award this season, but I'm almost inclined to think that Wright would have been my pick. Between his stepping up on D and his stepping up on ST.. He deserves recognition for his development from last season. Though I guess that's not really what the 12th man award is about, but still. ;p

    Pennington is an enigma, IMO. He's looked like a pro-bowler at times, and then at others he's looked absolutely horrible. And that's during his whole career, not just this season. He's weird.

    How could I forget? Denver always leaves a bad taste in my mouth. We will have to get over that hump. Hopefully this season isn't the one where we have to do that though, IMO.

    I'll offer a New Years toast to that one! :D

    Agreed. When they drafted him I was like 'WTF, another first day TE??!!??', but now I see what they saw in him. And I'm pleased. :D
  12. Oswlek

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    I too play the guitar. Nothing fancy, mind you; I don't even own an electric (unless an electric accoustic counts :cool: ).

    Do you play out? Write your own stuff?
  13. Brownfan80

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    Just an acoustic huh? I still have yet to get one. Almost seven years of playing, and all I've got are electrics. My Les Paul is my pride. The new Vox AD30VT I got for Christmas was an absolute steal for what they're charging for it. Great little amp. :)

    Never played out yet, though that's only because of my physical inability to stand in front of a large group and speak, much less sing or play an instrument.

    I have written several hundred songs throug the years though. Some older ones are up my myspace, though they are of varying quality and are quite eclectic: http://www.myspace.com/fhcmemusic

    I wrote and played every bit of music in each song, though not all the vocals are mine (there's a rapper called Flomatic on the one track, and my fiance appears on two of the others).
  14. Box_O_Rocks

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    Thomas: Some fella who does the odd breakdown did note in preseason that he was blocking as well as Watson at the time (and Watson was improved from the previous season). That same fella in later remarks indicated Thomas was improving steadily in his run blocking through the season, his pass blocking still needs work. The kid is turning into a fan's fantasy choice as he steadily improves and flashes those ball magnets on the end of his arms.

    Bam collected another short pass just shy of the 1st down mark working out of the backfield where he lined up as a RB - he was twisted down awkwardly, got up a bit slow, then asked to be replaced - he is now questionable with an ankle injury in today's report...:(
  15. psychoPat

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    This is one very accomplished Brownfan !

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