A Few Thoughts on Yesterday's Loss to the Ravens

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    Ugh, what a frustrating, lousy thing to watch.

    Have to say Chris Collingsworth annoyed me a bit on the refs, even though he and Michaels were openly mocking them. But Collingsworth did too much of this giddy “wow, this is like old-time, sandlot football! They’re really letting them go!”

    Um yeah, they did miss a ton of calls…and then there were all the calls based on nothing. That was the thing with the refs—they were so cosmically horrific there was no rhyme or reason to anything. Flag flag flag. Just completely random garbage. The Ravens’ fans chant could easily have been the Pats. Has. To . Stop.

    Gronkowski’s clearly not right. Couple catches, thrown to only 3 times? With Hernandez out? My hope is that he heal s up as the season goes on and this isn’t a lost season for him.

    Can’t say I have any real problem with the play calling, although I suppose I could be convinced otherwise. Woodhead wasn’t doing a whole lot, but I don’t want to run Ridley into the ground either.

    I’m sure it’s just a kneejerk reaction that will pass, but right now all I can feel is that McCourty sucks. Watching him flail around on that final drive was painful.

    Similarly, the defense in general. Please, could you please make a stop to end a game sometime? Please?

    Silver lining? The season’s haven’t been ending too well in recent years. I’d rather have a couple of heartbreakers early (and this is back-to-back weeks losing on a last-second kick, so that’s pretty bad) and have the season end well. So yeah….let’s hope that happens.
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