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  1. fleabassist1

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    Just random stats while browsing around the internet.

    Pats lead the league in:
    - Total points with 279. Next closest is the cowboys with 227.
    - Points per game with 39.9. Next closest is the colts 32.8.
    - Yards per game with 432.9. Next team is colts with 402.8.
    - Yards per play with 6.5. Cowboys right behind with 6.4.
    - TO differential with +8. Seahawks and colts next with +7.

    Also, the Pats have the number three defense behind the Steelers and Ravens with 274.9 yards allowed. Pats are 18th in defensive scrimmage plays with 393 allowed 4.9 yards per play (Tied for fourth with seven other teams.) The patriots have only allowed 17.1 points per game.

    Take into consideration also that Brady has the most
    passing yards (2125 ... next closest is Romo with 1984)
    most TDS (27... next is Romo with 16)
    Best passer rating (137.9)
    Yards per game (303.6)
    Best Average per pass (9.3)
    Best % of completions (73.8)
    Most completions 20+ yards (28... hows that for west coast offense?)
    2nd in 40+ yards (with 5 behind Garcia who has 6.)

    And who is next behind Brady? Among active QBs who have thrown at least 80 or so passes...is Manning with 108.6 rating.

    Although he is 5th in the amount of receptions he has hauled in, Randy moss leads with 723 receiving yards averaging 16.6 a reception.

    Gostkowski has kicked the most yards and has made 9 of 10 FG's. (Plus 100% on PAT's :) )

    Shesh... the stats never end.
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    This is from Rick Gosselin over at the Dallas Morning News:

    "Peyton Manning and Carson Palmer were the only quarterbacks to throw more touchdown passes in 16 games in 2006 than Tom Brady has thrown in seven games in 2007. Manning led the NFL last season with 31 TD passes. Palmer threw 28 for the Cincinnati Bengals. With his six TD passes Sunday against Miami, Brady has 27 touchdown passes in 2007. Ponder this: Manning threw his 31 TDs in 557 passes last season. Brady has thrown his 27 TDs in just 229 passes this season. "

  3. PatsFanSince74

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    Wow! Thanks. It's all kind of awesome.

    I'm enjoying the rush of the season's beginning as much as anyone and have been getting pretty giddy lately, but I also think we all have to take a deep breath.

    There are ten more weeks to go. A lot can happen, good and bad. We have challenging games against the Redskins, Ravens and Eagles. We have tough games against the Colts, Steelers and Giants (assuming that we play "THIS" Giants team and not the one they usually morph into during the second half of the season). We have unpredictable division games against the Bills, Jests and Fins. Anything can happen.

    We've avoided the serious injury to a critical player train, but it's just a play away. Because our offense is so good and is eating up yards in bunches, the D is spending a lot of time on the field.

    Let's enjoy it. But, let's be real. 14--2 or 13--3 and a bye or homefield is still a great outcome. Let's keep our eye on the prize. It's not 16--0 or a 140 Passer Rating for TB, or 55 TD passes or an MVP for Brady and a HOF year for Moss. The objective is to be holding the hardware in Phoenix at around 10PM EST on Sunday, February 3, 2008.
  4. DaveW

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    Don't you have to consider trying for 16-0 if you get the opportunity?
    We've got three Lombardi trophies already. A perfect season is a MUCH rarer achievement.

    The way this team is playing they could have both. This is an amazing run.
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