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A fantastic letter to the editor I read today

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by pats1, Apr 11, 2008.

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    In our town's local newspaper. The publisher of the paper usually writes a column by the name "J. Walker," and last week's was about our "need" to stop using oil and pull out of Iraq. Now, keep in mind my politics are rather conservative, and so when I read this letter in response to that column, I thought of it as an accurate summary of my own thoughts on the topics:

    To the Editor:

    This is in response to J. Walker’s call to stop using oil and bring the troops home, which I found naïve if not shameful. For a more realistic perspective, I suggest searching “Earth at night” on Google images. Take a good look. See Earth at night? Those lights are the world economy. Where you see lights, there is global trade and therefore wealth and prosperity of varying degrees. Where you see lights, there are people with jobs, human beings stepping onto the world’s economic ladder and climbing out of heinous poverty. Where you see lights there are doctors saving lives and conquering disease, and there are children attending schools and learning how to trade with – and compete against – other people living under the lights of the global economy. Why would anyone in their right mind want our world to go dark?

    The history of the United States of America is the story of turning on those lights you see in the Google images. It is the story of fighting and dying to make sure no one ever turns out the lights on free and liberal societies. No American president, Democrat or Republican, is going to let the world go dark. At this particular moment in history, the United States alone is capable of protecting world trade routes, global sources of energy, and international allies and trading partners. We are in Iraq to keep the lights on
 and I mean that literally. The lights you see in the picture are plugged into the Middle East! No American president will turn the world dark by pulling that plug and bringing home the guardians of freedom and prosperity, no matter what nonsense gets spewed during election campaigns.

    American’s military secures global freedom of trade; a noble and just cause because it is the world’s ticket out of a nightmare, poverty’s horror, freedom from the pain, misery, and hopelessness that comes with living on less than two dollars a day. Our military is transforming into two distinct forces. One is becoming a small force capable of great violence on our behalf. Those door kickers will be kept close to home and used very judiciously. The second force is becoming large, worldly, and to be used extensively. They will do the kind of work our soldiers and marines have done on their recent deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Nation building. Condemn their work if you want. These remarkable Americans will quietly and respectfully ignore you. Our dogs live better than two billion human beings on this planet, and the troops you want to bring home are the only hope those people have. You deserve to be ignored.
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    #80 Jersey


    We need to stop using oil for a bunch of reasosn, and none of them have to do with nation building, free trade or our troops.

    1. The oil reserves are in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Iraq.
    2. Oil Pollutes the environment, all fossil fuels do. I belive there is a spiritual negative karma that comes from burning old carbon based life for fuel.
    3. OUR economy. We don't produce oil for the rest of the world. We need to lead the world into the next form of energy and sell it.
    4. PEAK OIL - nobody can tell you if we hit the peak yet. But if you look at what is going on in Iraq, and soon Iran. Then take a look at the price of oil, you might think that something is going on.

    The writer of this piece seems to think that only oil can light up a dark earth. Getting off of oil would be the single best thing that happened to this country. We are Americans, we lead the world in new thought, we put a man on the moon, we put cars on the roads, and planes in the air. WE CAN DO IT, but people keep b!tching out, and playing patriotism with troops. They have nothing to do with this.
  3. otis p. driftwood

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    Feb 4, 2008
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    So, while Clinton was using the military as a meals on wheels program, were you calling for his impeachment?

    Just curious, thanks.
  4. ArmyPatsFan

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    Jan 7, 2007
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    NEM you keep leaving out the rest of the oath about obeying the orders of those appointed over me and the President....yada yada. These Soldiers are obeying the orders given to them period. The unconstitutional argument is getting really old and useless. Are you saying that EVERY Soldier is breaking their oath by serving in Iraq? SASO (Support and Stability Operations) with Stability operations being key. There is an Army FM on this....it used to be OOTW or MOOTW but has since changed. Where is Support operations, which include many aspects of Nation building. You keep bringing this up in your posts.....you absolve the Soldiers for obeying orders...but in the same breath say the whole thing is unconstitutional and unlawful.....which according to your post Soldiers should recognize as being unsonstituutional...so?
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