a double standard and another moment of clarity.

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    If i'm rehashing some stuff, my apology. But I'm annoyed again.

    Anyone remember these statements from the competition:

    "Brady didn't win those Super Bowls, Vinatieri did."

    Well, as far as I'm concerned, Folk won the Buffalo game with two clutch 50+ yard kicks in a row. Adam never did that by the way.


    The game was won because:

    a) Edwards was intercepted.

    b) A great play was made on an onside kick.

    If you look at that game, Dallas won that game well in spite of Romo.

    Greatness would have been if he pulled of the 2 point conversion. He didn't do that either.

    How the rest of Dallas's players don't get angry because Romo gets so much credit for the victory is beyond me.
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  2. He Ban Me

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    Yes, Folk won it. And good point on the On-sides. Not only was it recovered, but the way the ball bounced off the Boy and squirted forward about 10 yards was another boon to their success. Had they recovered around their own 40, I think that ending would never have happened. They really won in spite of Romo. Hell, had they had 20 or some MORE seconds, Romo probably would have ende the game with pick #6-he just ran out of time.
  3. Slagathor

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    I'm still trying to figure out where he would get SO MUCH credit for the game as he has so far.

    In spite of all those turnovers, the defense didn't give up......the special teams didn't give up.

    That was impressive.

    I'd have to say that going into this game, I'm happy that Romo is playing because at this point he may be Dallas's achilles heel.
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    I also have to thank the Bills coaching for part of that as well...or rather lack of coaching..With only 12-13 seconds left, they should have blanketed every receiver to the sideline as a tacklr after a catch in bounds would have basically ended the game...any catch over the middle, except one for a TD would have ended the game..even a LONG reception deep into Buffalo territory..it would have ended it as there just wasn't enough time for even a spike at that point..teh ONLY way Dallas won was completed passes short and getting out of bounds..I wish someone had told the players that..but poor coaching has to be added to that..and Yes, I do give the Dallas team credit for that ending especially Folk...but to make it like Romo was in anyway close to being a star?? He was a few seconds and a few yards from being a big goat...
  5. 5 Rings for Brady!!

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    You are really stretching on this topic.

    It is usually fans more than media that want to belittle the Pats that talk about the kicker, who participated in a very small amount of plays in any game.

    As far as last week's disaster, there are a few people in the media who want to annoint Romo. Let them. He is what he is. Another gunslinger who will be lucky to win a NFC championship someday.

    Brady will be hated for any number of reasons even if he wins more superbowls without the kicker. The reason is that he is a threat to every other QB that has ever played this game, he can steal all records for superbowl and playoff wins. Therefore he is a threat to all franchises, since he can elevate the Pats to the greatest franchise in overall success.

    Brady has earned his hate the old fashion way, by creating envy.

    Romo has earned his love the old fashion way, by being happy, and non-threatening. He doesn't take himself very seriously, and his career will ultimately reflect that aspect of his personality. Very Brett Favre.

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