A crack in the Borges BB hatred?

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  1. PatsRI

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    Borges: "The Patriots have won many games this way since the remarkable dynasty Belichick has built in Foxborough began six years ago, and yesterday's was another in what has become a long line of victories that came from a combination of strategical brilliance, boldness, and a firm conviction that somehow they will weather every storm and pay any price to win."

    For Borges this is like a marriage proposal. All along he's been saying how it was anything but BB responsible for this run. That said he'll still pick the Colts this weekend.
  2. NoCal Patriot

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    You would think after Wrong Borges 1000th wrong prediction He would finally lurch into the truth.Perhaps We are finally seeing dawn over Marbelehead?:singing:
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  3. marty

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    Nah, they are cutting over 100 jobs at the Glob soon, he's just trying to save his job!
  4. MDD

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    I said it before, I'll say it again, 75% of the crap Borges spews is an act - he's doing the whole "love to hate me" thing. If you ever watch him on TV (versus his columns) it becomes clear.
  5. JoeSixPat

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    Even Borges has to admit that designing and calling for a play which involves throwing an interception, only to have the ball strpped and recovered for a first down at a crucial moment is a sign of bold and daring genius!

    And of course - it worked exactly as planned!

  6. Patfandango

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    LOL. I was going to suggest putting the IT with troy stripping the ball in the playbook but you beat me to it.
  7. lobster

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    Borges wrote a great article - he clearly understands the physical side of these playoff games better than most anyone else in the media. While the rest of the media crows about the game plan etc., Borges recognized the boxing coach side of Belichick - that this was a slug fest on the line of scrimmage. Especially the DL and LB's took an extreme pounding from the Chargers and Tomlinson.
  8. DarrylS

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    Don´t get all warm and fuzzy over Borges, his meds will wear off soon and he will once again spew venom towards BB.
  9. MDD

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    I hated the guy more than anyone, until I learned how to read his columns.

    As apparent from a couple of my posts, I'm as jumpy as anyone regarding the "we get no disrespect" thing, but I've become a Borges fan.
  10. MDD

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    What, the "we needed Deion Branch" and "don't be cheap on defense" if we lose to the Colts?

    Well if Jabar Gaffney and Reche Caldwell turn back into Jabar Gaffney and Reche Caldwell, Bruschi and Banta Cain whiff on a few tackles, and we lose a close one, could it be that maybe he'll be (GASP) right?
  11. spacecrime

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    Quite obviously, you have not.

    No accounting for taste.
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  12. CTPatsFan

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    #75 Jersey

    Evil genius at that. Give the opponent a taste of victory, only to rip their hearts out seconds later.

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